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Air Freight

Today's global clients demand the fastest, most cost-effective global distribution services with the highest standards of quality, safety and shortest possible lead time, esp for high value goods or when they have a short timeframe.

As an IATA agent, we utilize the major airlines to offer our clients a variety of air freight service options. Dealing with multiple carriers can distract you from your main business. To consistently meet your freight deadlines you need a global air freight provider serving major business worldwide. We work closely with our clients, providing assistance with routing options, document preparation, etc. And with years of experience and customized solutions, shipping with us is sure to bring you a pleasant experience.



To satisfy the needs of urgent and expedient delivery of parcels, documents, and other items, we a variety of international courier services, which is a simple shipping method, trouble-free, door to door.

DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT are the main couriers well known to all, your shipment will be delivered with reliability and convenience. However, make clear the route, speed and cost before shipping. Everybody wants fast and cheap way.

We will help make the best decision for you.


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UsChina Shipping