UsChina Shipping, About Us

Based in Shenzhen, UsChina Shipping provides globalized and comprehensive forwarding and logistics services.

We offer far more than freight quote, what we provide is total, optimal, customized shipping solution. What we deliver is not only your shipment, but also a unique considerate, hassle-free experience with us.

With the ever changing market conditions and government regulations, logistics/shipping is not always set in stone. However, we are always ready for changes.

Our strength comes from our blend of industry knowledge and experience, commitment to quality service, especially the constantly polished faculties the career requires.

Our philosophy is to ensure the optimal customer experience and facilitate the establishment of new, sustainable business through enhanced team cooperation, employee awareness.

Thanks to the continuous support from our clients all along the way, our leverage cargo volume has become our bargaining chip in talks with carriers. The most competitive rates of both sea and air services, in return, benefit our clients. With us, you have access to a variety of carriers, as well as schedules. We’ll help choose the best for you.

By choosing working with us, you choose a reliable shipping service provider, a smart way to ship, a hassle-free way which allows you to focus on your core business, coz we are professional.

UsChina Shipping, for optimal customer experience.

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