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Why us when importing and shipping from China

We are China based freight forwarder, specialized and experienced in international logistics for import and export business. With years of effort on global trade and shipping, establishing local connections and global networks, we are able to provide one-stop shipping solution, no matter where your supplier is from, where your destination is. For those who import and ship from China, we have the below reasons for you to choose us as your freight forwarder for your freight shipping from China. And this is what makes us different among thousands of freight forwarding companies.

1. Quick Response, high efficiency
No matter when you need us, you will always get reply within 24 hours. Most of the time, it would be instant, time difference is never an issue for our team.

2. Communication
Well educated and trained staff and European and American managed operations, there is never any cultural confusion. As we understand, good communication is the first step of good service. 

3. Professionalism, agility, accuracy
You will always receive the exact answer to your question or concern or the most preferable solution suggested by our team.

4. Our logistics expertise, local and global connections
Whatever you are shipping, wherever your destination is, regardless of the shipping method, we have the logistics expertise, local knowledge and global network to fulfill a fast and safe delivery of shipment from China.

5. Cost-saving
Our high cargo volume allow us leveraged discounted contract price with carriers, savings we pass on to you.

6. Dedicated and focused
Everybody got limited time and energy. Stay focused and bring the best out of you for the most worthwhile job. International logistics/shipping is our expertise, you too should stay focused.

7. Higher attention & tailored shipping solution
In China’s shipping market, we always tent to offer priority and available resources to direct foreign importers, esp in peak season. Orders from direct foreign clients are often handled by the most experienced personnel, and take precedence over domestic clients, over foreign forwarders.
Every industry is different, and every client has specific requirements at the specific moment. We offer one-stop air/sea/railway shipping solutions from China, tailored to your needs. 

We offer far more than freight quote, what we provide is total tailored shipping solution, what we deliver is not only your shipments, but also a pleasant shipping experience. By choosing us, you choose a reliable shipping service provider, a smart way to ship from China, a hassle-free way to allow you to focus on your core business.

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