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We provide comprehensive sea freight forwarding services from China to all over the world, offering not only standard container shipping service, but also OOG, oversized & heavy cargo shipping, project cargo, breakbulk, bulk shipment, RORO and LOLO shipping solutions. 

Out-of-gauge cargo (OOG) is freight which is too large to fit inside a standard container (exceeds the dimensions of a container by length, width, height or all of the above). However, this can be safely transported by using platform, flat rack, open top container or breakbulk, LOLO and RORO shipping solutions. 

China based experienced freight forwarder for OOG cargo shipping

Shipping OOG cargo presents many challenges and requires more knowledge, expertise and experience, not all China freight forwarders are capable of doing it well. The proper loading, lashing, stowage and handling of OOG cargo are essential to safe transport from origin to destination. 

As one of the leading China based freight forwarder experienced in OOG cargo shipping, we have been transporting oversized & heavy cargo regularly, ranging from heavy machinery like transformer and cranes, to large items like yacht, boiler, and excavator. 

OOG cargo includes: bus, car/van, trailer, truck, vehicle, excavator/digger, reach stacker, forklift, spreader, yacht, catamaran, lifeboat, motorboat, mast, airplane or Airplane parts, helicopter, anchor, construction material, container module, crane or crane parts, drum/tank/boiler, engine block, flange, generator, transformer, industrial machine, rail wagon/locomotive, pump/compressor, thruster, metal pole/beam, pipes/tubes, rails, propeller, steel plate, wind turbine blade, glass, cable reel/winch, cable/hose, etc. 

Projects we have handled:
Transformer delivered to Poti Georgia from Shanghai China
Truck & Bus shipping from Shanghai to Algiers, Algeria & Port Louis, Mauritius

Equipment and shipping solutions for OOG cargo

Flat rack container (FR container)
Flat rack container is used for carrying awkward and oversized loads too large for a standard container, such as machinery, cable drums, dump trucks, yachts, etc. Flat racks are transported on container ships and allow oversized cargo to move to destinations where RORO and bulk cargo vessels are not necessarily available or to shorten transit time.

Open top container (OT container)
Open top container is cargo that fits within the horizontal constraints of a standard container but over height, can’t be loaded through the container door, such as machinery, sheet glass, construction material. Sometimes we choose OT containers because loading from the top is easier. 

Breakbulk cargo shipping solution (BB project cargo)
Breakbulk cargo is freight too large to be transported on a single flat rack or platform container, such as large yacht, transformer, large machine, etc. Typically, we use several flat rack or platform containers assembled side-by-side to load and secure the large cargo. Breakbulk cargoes are accepted alongside of the vessel and are delivered alongside of the vessel.

Bulk shipment, LOLO & RORO cargo shipping from China

Bulk carriers are a type of ship specially designed to transport unpacked cargoes in bulk quantity, such as grains, coal, ore, steel coils. 
Bulk cargo is goods transported loose and stored directly into a transport vessel, without using any types of containers or extra packing. And sometimes it’s used to transport awkwardly oversized cargo when regular OOG shipping solutions don’t work. 

Bulk shipment solution, LOLO shipping from China (for oversized and heavy cargo, or goods in bulk)

LOLO (lift-on, lift-off) ships are equipped with onboard cranes and assisted by dockside cranes to load and offload goods, in contrast to RORO ships. LOLO ships are often used to transport large and heavy cargoes in bulk quantity. Lolo ships have a vast amount of space available at the top of the vessel and the ship deck. LOLO shipping is the most cost-efficient way and sometimes the only way for large and heavy cargo. 
In comparison with RORO, LOLO shipping is slower but more eco-friendly.

RORO shipping solution from China (for vehicles and wheeled cargo)

RORO (roll-on, roll-off) ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. RORO vessels have built-in ramps that allow the cargo to be efficiently loaded and offloaded when in port. RORO shipping solution is often used to transport vehicles (bus, truck, car, excavator, etc.), i.e. wheeled cargo. Sometimes we use MAFI trailer as a wheeled platform to enable shipping large and heavy cargo with RORO ships. 
Compared to LOLO shipping, the risk of RORO cargo damage during the transport is much lower. 

Tips for shipping OOG cargo from China

We are the expert you can trust with shipping OOG cargo from China.
Flat rack, open top containers, and breakbulk cargo shipping are the major solutions, and bulk cargo (LOLO, RORO) as complement. And here are some tips for shipping OOG cargo from China.

If you are looking to ship oversized & heavy cargo from China, or looking for bulk shipment solution like RORO and LOLO, contact us & request a freight quote

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