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Ningbo freight forwarder, shipping from Ningbo China by sea & airThis article was written to share some facts about Ningbo, and shipping from Ningbo, for those looking for Ningbo freight forwarder. The best-in-class freight forwarding service from Ningbo and cities nearby by sea, air or railway freight, whatever the cargo is, to which destination, we got you covered.

About Ningbo

Ningbo, a major port city and industrial hub in East China, South of Shanghai, its history began 2000 years ago, became an important commercial port in Tang Dynasty, and influence grew rapidly later on.
In 2021, Ningbo’s foreign trade hit $183 billion, up 21.3% year on year, according to Ningbo customs official statistics. The city's top three trading partners were the European Union, the United States, and ASEAN.
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Ningbo Freight Forwarder

International shipping from Ningbo can be challenging, time and energy consuming. With the help of a Ningbo freight forwarder, your shipments can be accelerated and freight management made simple. 
When shipping your cargo from Ningbo, you have these modes of transportation to choose from: sea freight, air freight, and sometimes maybe shipping by freight rain. 
There’s no universal answer to the “best way” to ship from Ningbo, each client is unique with different requirements under a given circumstance. The best way is with a reliable, reputable, experienced Ningbo freight forwarder. For they have the expertise, knowledge, local connections and global networks to carry out your sea/air/railway shipments from Ningbo. Moreover, door to door shipping solution is made possible through their freight forwarding service.

Ningbo freight forwarder, shipping from Ningbo by seaSea Freight from Ningbo, China

From port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, we are shipping more than standard container shipments, but also large and heavy equipment using flat rack and open top containers, arranging RORO and bulk cargo ships, etc
Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan
In 2006, port of Ningbo and its neighbor port of Zhoushan merged to form a combined cargo handling center, called Ningbo-Zhoushan port. There are 191 berths including 39 deep water berths. The port is part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. 
By the end of 2019, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has developed connections to more than 600 ports in 190 countries and regions, with nearly 250 trade routes, among which 120 ocean-going lines.
In 2021, Ningbo-Zhoushan port’s container throughput exceeded 31 million TEU, ranking as the 3rd busiest container port in the world, after Shanghai and Singapore.

Air Freight from Ningbo, China

Ningbo freight forwarder, shipping from Ningbo by airNingbo airport
Ningbo Lishe International Airport (IATA: NGB), the principal airport serving Ningbo.
When it comes to air shipping, most manufacturers from Ningbo or cities nearby would choose to ship goods from Shanghai PVG airport. As Shanghai is not far from Ningbo, and PVG is the biggest gateway of China for air cargo, and the world’s 3rd busiest by cargo volume. 

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With the help of a Ningbo freight forwarder, shipping from Ningbo becomes easy. Whether by sea, air or railway, here’s the final shipping solution, one-stop freight forwarding service from Ningbo and cities nearby.

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