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Qingdao freight forwarder, sea, air & rail freight shipping from Qingdao ChinaWritten by one of the top China based freight forwarders, for those looking for shipping service from Qingdao by sea, air or railway. Whatever the shipment is, here’s the one-stop shipping solution to all international freight requirements from Qingdao and cities nearby

About Qingdao city

Qingdao, situated on the Yellow Sea’s coast, Southeast of Shandong province, is a major port city, as well as a commercial and financial center, home to electronic brands like Haier and Hisense. 
Qingdao has the highest GDP in the Shandong Province, in 2021 its total import and export accounted 29% of the total of Shandong Province, gained a year-on-year increase by 32.4%, ranked 5th among the 15 vice provincial cities of China. 
Qingdao is also well known for its beer. 
Back to the point, we are talking about international shipping, Qingdao freight forwarding here. We are the solution to all shipping from China.

Qingdao Freight Forwarder

International shipping from Qingdao can be challenging, time and energy consuming. With the help of a Qingdao freight forwarder, your shipments can be accelerated and freight management made simple. 
When shipping your cargo from Qingdao, you have these modes of transportation to choose from: sea freight, air freight, and sometimes maybe shipping by freight rain. 
There’s no universal answer to the “best way” to ship from Qingdao, each client is unique with different requirements under a given circumstance. The best way is with a reliable, reputable, experienced Qingdao freight forwarder. For they have the expertise, knowledge, local connections and global networks to carry out your sea/air/railway shipments from Qingdao. Moreover, door to door shipping solution is made possible through their freight forwarding service.

Qingdao freight forwarder, sea freight, container shipping from QingdaoSea Freight from Qingdao, China

Port of Qingdao
The port of Qingdao is located on the coast of Yellow Sea, one of world’s largest comprehensive ports (ranking 8th globally by freight traffic), and a crucial hub for international trade and shipping in West Pacific.
Qingdao port has shipping routes to over 85 countries and regions, over 700 ports, equipped with berths which can accommodate the largest container vessels, iron ore vessels and oil tankers.
2021 container throughput 23.71 million TEU, year-on-year increase 7.8%

From port of Qingdao, we are shipping more than standard container shipments, but also large and heavy equipment using flat rack and open top containers, arranging RORO and bulk cargo ships, etc.Qingdao freight forwarder, air freight, cargo shipping from Qingdao by air

Air Freight from Qingdao, China

Qingdao airport
Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport (IATA CODE: TAO), located 11KM east of Jiaozhou, is the main international gateway of Qingdao, opened in August 2021, with capacity of handling 35 million passengers, cargo of 500,000 tons per year. 
Beijing airport as an alternative for air shipment from Qingdao, Shandong
As an alternative, products manufactured in Shandong or nearby, are often air shipped from Beijing Capital International airport to the rest of the world. And sometimes flights leaving Qingdao transship in Beijing. 

Rail Freight from Qingdao, freight train shipping from China

Qingdao freight forwarder, rail freight, container shipping from Qingdao by freight trainNowadays rail freight is becoming more and more popular because of its fast speed and relatively low cost. 
In February 2022, a new freight train route connecting Qingdao and Germany’s Mannheim, crossing a distance of around 12300KM, carrying 100 standard containers, started a journey of 22 days West-bound. The shipping time of more than 40 days by sea from Qingdao to Europe was reduced substantially to only half by railway transport.
Expecting more China-Europe railway routes be opened from Qingdao.

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With the help of a Qingdao freight forwarder, shipping from Qingdao can be made easy. Whether by sea, air or railway, here’s the final shipping solution, one-stop freight forwarding service from Qingdao and cities nearby.

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