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Air freight, shipping from China by airAir freight provides a fast and safe delivery solution for time-sensitive shipments and high value commodities.
Maybe you have a pressing deadline, maybe you want to accelerate a delayed project by reducing the transit time, or maybe the cargo is perishable, can’t withstand the long journey across the ocean, etc.
Air freight is the perfect option when other shipping methods can’t meet your timing requirement, it enables us to deliver cargo using the least amount of time. Cargo air shipped from China can reach anywhere of the world in 3-7 days, some remote places may take longer, same-day delivery is possible by utilizing direct flight service if necessary.  

Freight forwarder for air shipment from China

To move your air shipments from China, to handle your shipments with care, to consistently meet your freight deadlines, you need an air freight forwarder like us. We have developed strong relationships with major air carriers and established a vast network of air cargo transportation, offering daily and weekly cargo flights from China’s main airports to the rest of the world.
All considered, Air shipping simplified
Air freight forwarding can be a complicated task. From dealing with documentation, shipping regulations, and finding the most efficient air freight method, we make the process simple by managing everything on your behalf so that you can focus on more worthwhile jobs.
Best shipping experience guaranteed
Our experts of air freight team know how to take control your cargo, freeing you from all the complexities and stress caused. Flying your cargo with us gives you peace of mind as we take care of your air shipments from pick-up till delivery to the destination, overseeing every link of the logistics chain.Air freight, air cargo shipping from Shanghai, China

Tailored air shipping solution from China

We provide the best air shipping solution and the fastest route which meets your needs and guarantee a relatively cost-efficient way.
Maybe you are shipping regular sized cartons, both passenger and cargo flights can carry.
Maybe you are shipping oversized equipment, only some specific models of airplane can do the job.
In the event you are on a limited budget, and don’t need the shipment too badly, indirect flights is the answer, which take a little bit longer, but is relatively cost-saving.
When speed is the top priority, we’ll recommend the fastest flight route with the least amount of lead time. In some cases, same-day delivery from China to the other side of the world is possible by utilizing direct flight.

Whatever your case is, we have the comprehensive air shipping solutions tailored to your needs.

Top 5 cargo airports in China

Air freight, air cargo shipping from Shenzhen, ChinaHKG - Hong Kong International Airport
PVG – Shanghai Pudong International Airport
PEK – Beijing Capital International Airport
CAN – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
SZX – Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

Airlines have limited reach. Standard air freight actually means shipping cargo by air from airport to airport only. It is not a door to door service, the price is not “all-included”, therefore there will be additional fees for logistics and customs services on both ends, these to be performed by the freight forwarder or clearing agent. With these extras added, it completes the door to door air shipping. If you are looking for door to door air shipping service, you’ll have to rely on a freight forwarder, hopefully us.

We are the answer to all air freight requirements, the one-stop air cargo shipping solution from China to all over the world, a leading air freight forwarder.

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