All You Need to Know about Shipping to the US from China

All You Need to Know about Shipping to the US from China

Being the top 2 of the world’s largest economies, China and the United States should work towards a win-win relationship, never a zero-sum game. Despite the on-going trade war, the trade between China and the US remains strong. For long, China has been, and will undoubtedly be the United States’ biggest trading partner. 
We present all you need to know about shipping from China to the US. The majority of knowledge and information of China-US cargo shipping is dispensed in "door-to-door shipping from China to USA". The content below is a complement to the main topic. For more, please contact our customer service or consult our online support. 

Shipping terms exclusively for shipping to the United States

Customs bond

What is customs bond? US Customs Bonds. Do I need one?A customs bond is a contract between CBP, an importer, and a surety company which guarantee that the importer complies with customs regulations and all duties, associated fees and penalties are paid to customs by the principal. 
Each commercial entry is required to be covered by a bond. 
Generally there are 2 kinds of bonds, single-entry bond and continuous bond. If you import only once in one year or 2, single bond is OK. If you import frequently or the imported goods are of high value, using continuous bond is more convenient and cost-efficient. 


AMS, Automated Manifest System
AMS information must be transmitted to US customs before the cargo leaves the origin country. AMS enables faster, electronic customs clearance, however, failure to file AMS information will result in monetary penalty.


ISF, Importer Security Filing, AKA 10+2 elements
ISF filing must be done 48 hours prior to shipment being on board at the origin port. Failing to or incorrect filing may lead to penalty of USD5000.


POA stands for Power of Attorney.
To perform customs business on behalf of the importer, the customs broker is required to have a valid customs power of attorney on file. 

Total Cost of Imports from China to the USA

Prior to importing goods from China to the United States, I believe most US importers are concerned about the final price per unit when the goods are distributed in the local market, with everything considered. What’s the total cost of imports from China to the USA? What’s the price of a locally made product? Is made-in-China more competitive or share I just buy from local?
And here, we are introducing a new term “landed cost”. 

Landed Cost

A “landed cost” is the final cost of product plus all associated shipping and logistics costs for delivering the goods to its destination, with insurance and import duty paid. 
The formula can be simplified as: product cost + shipping cost + insurance + import duty

When it comes to shipping cost, here's an example of cost structure of shipping a 40ft container from China to the US.

Import duty on Chinese goods to the US

Import duty is a tax collected on imported goods by a country’s customs authorities, a percentage of the goods value. It’s also known as import tariff, import tax, customs duty or tariff. 
How to calculate import duty on Chinese goods to the US

Duty Drawback

There are some cases where we can get a refund of duty paid. 
Duty Drawback is a refund of duty paid on imported merchandise that is linked to an exportation (or destruction) of an article. There are three categories of drawback:
1. Manufacturing drawback
2. Unused merchandise drawback
3. Rejected merchandise drawback

Intermodal terminals and seaports of the US

With our overall freight forwarding service covering the inland intermodal terminals and seaports of the US, wherever your destination is, we provide the easiest one-stop door to door shipping from China to the USA, while making sure your cargo from China arrives on time in perfect condition. 
Seaports of the US for container shipping from China
US inland intermodal terminals for container shipping from China


When shipping containers to the USA, we hear these terms now and then, IPI, RIPI, MLB. 
Interior Point Intermodal, Reverse Interior Point Intermodal, Mini Land Bridge
Click here to learn about IPI, RIPI, MLB

OCEMA Recommended Maximum Gross Allowable Cargo Weights

After a container arrives at destination port or railway station, we'll make appointment with trucking company and terminal on delivery. To perform safe and lawful transport practice, we have to comply with OCEMA Recommended Maximum Gross Allowable Cargo Weights in International Intermodal Containers for Transport on the USA Highway System.
OCEMA (Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association)

Customs Clearance

All people and products entering the US must be cleared for entry by Customs before exiting a bonded Customs area. In most cases, commercial products entering the US must be cleared through customs by a licensed US Customs Broker.
If you need any assistance in customs clearance, feel free to contact us.

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