China-USA Shipping, what you should know about shipping to the United States

What you should know about shipping to the United States

There are a lot to consider when shipping to the United States, POA, AMS, ISF, Customs bonds, allowable cargo weight on USA highway, etc. Or you can simply let UCS take care all of it.
What we can do
Contract sea freight rates with the top marine shipping carriers from China to the USA(FCL/LCL)
Steady air freight rates from top airlines to the USA
Customs clearance, AMS, ISF, BOND
Door-to-door delivery
Warehousing and consolidation
Our shipping services reaches not only the coastal cities, but also interior points. China freight forwarder to USA - Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, etc

52. Customs bonds
99. US Customs Bonds. Do I need one?
53. AMS - Automated Manifest System
54. POA
55. ISF
115. Latest U.S. Trade Actions/Tariffs and Other Countries Retaliatory Measures May 20, 2019
56. Customs Clearance
116. US-China trade war, A temporary truce: Deal agreed to suspend new trade tariffs Dec 1, 2018
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