China-Philippines Door to Door Shipping|Sea & Air Freight

Shipping from China to Philippines|Sea & Air Freight

Freight forwarder, shipping from China to PhilippinesChina is Philippines’ main source of imports, also its largest destination of exports. And RCEP can be a catalyst for economic development not only between China and Philippines, but also among all ASEAN members. 

With this guide to shipping from China to Philippines, we, one of the top freight forwarding agents, wish to answer all your questions possible. We have the content below to share: shipping methods, transit time, cost, how to ship from China, and how a freight forwarder can help with your China-Philippines freight management. 

2 main shipping methods are available for China-Philippines trade: sea freight and air freight.

Sea Freight from China to PhilippinesSea freight, shipping from China to Philippines

Choosing sea shipping from China to Philippines is an ideal option for business with limited budget. Over 90% of the world’s cargo is being shipped by sea. The below mentioned advantages of sea freight contribute to its high popularity. 
1.    Low cost: sea freight is the least expensive way of shipping. 
2.    Relatively fast speed: due to short distance, sea shipping from China to Philippines doesn’t take so long as to the other side of the world.
3.    Capability for large and bulk shipments
4.    Compatibility: Sea freight is able to carry almost all kinds of goods.
FCL (full container load): shipping a container filled with goods exclusively for one client, cost efficient.
LCL (less than container load): sharing a container with other clients who have cargo at the same time, to the same destination. Naturally due to extra work in LCL (warehousing, consolidation, de-consolidation, paperwork, etc.), the final cost on each unit is higher than shipping FCL, and the transit time is longer.
Apart from regular FCL and LCL shipments, we handle OOG cargo from China to Philippines as well. We charter bulk cargo ship, and RO-RO ship for special project shipping. 
As a leading freight forwarding company serving Philippines, our services cover all China major ports, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, etc. 

Major ports of Philippines

ManilaShipping from China to Manila port, Philippines
The port of Manila is a collective of facilities and terminals in Metro Manila, consists Manila North Harbor and Manila South Harbor. It’s the largest and busiest port in Philippines, principal gateway for sea freight import and export. 
Also one of the major seaports in Asia
Annual container volume: 4.5 million TEU
The port of Cebu is located in Cebu city. It has 5 piers that are capable of handling vessels with large capacity. 
Second largest seaport in Philippines
Annual container volume: over 950,000 TEU
The port of Davao is a seaport located in Mindanao Island. It’s composed of several piers within the Davao Gulf. The port serves as the gateway to the southern Philippines and is considered as the best-performing port in Mindanao.
Annual container volume: over 600,000 TEU
Subic Bay
The port of Subic Bay is one of the busiest, largest, historical and most important of ports in Philippines. It’s the country’s first free port. The port has capacity to handle 600,000 TEU per year.
General Santos
Port of General Santos is one of the major ports on Southeast Asia trade lane. 
Also known as Makar Wharf
The port of Batangas is a seaport in Barangay Santa Clara, Batangas City. The port has a throughput capacity of handling 500,000 TEU per year.
Cagayan de Oro
The port of is Cagayan de Oro is situated near the mouth of the Cagayan de Oro River. It’s one of the busiest government ports in Northern Mindanao in terms of cargo traffic. 

If you are interested in shipping from China to a Philippine port, reach out to UCS team for a hassle-free freight forwarding experience. Get a shipping solution and quote from China.

Air Freight from China to PhilippinesAir freight, shipping from China to Philippines by air

When shipping cargo from China to Philippines, air freight is not so often used due to its high price. The advantage of air shipping, obviously, is fast delivery. If your supply chain has sufficient shipping budget, and wants to move the cargo the fastest way possible, for example, high-value machinery or luxurious merchandise. However, in most cases, people choose air freight because of a pressing deadline, or the cargo to be shipped from China is perishable, can’t wait a long time for it to arrive in Philippines through sea freight. 
Sometimes the cargo might be too large, or classified dangerous goods for air transportation, we’ll have to turn to sea shipping. 
No matter what you need, always remember an experienced and professional China freight forwarder is here to help with your China-Philippines air shipments. 

Main cargo airports in Philippines

ManilaShipping from China to Manila airport, Philippines by air
Ninoy Aquino International Airport (IATA CODE: MNL) is the main international gateway to the Philippines. Manila airport is the busiest airport in the Philippines. In 2020, the recorded cargo traffic handled by MNL was 534,000 tons. 
Mactan Cebu International Airport (IATA CODE: CEB) is the main premier international airport serving Cebu. Cebu is the second busiest airport after Manila in the Philippines. 

How long does it take to ship from China to Philippines?

Shipping time from China to Philippines ranges from 1 day, and up to 1 month, depending on many factors, such as shipping method, port/airport, route, service chosen, weather, seasonal change of shipping market, etc.

China-Philippines sea freight transit time

Sea container shipping transit time from China to Philippines (Manila, Cebu)
POL (port of loading) POD (port of discharge) Transit time
Shanghai Manila 7 days
Shanghai Cebu 11 days
Shenzhen Manila 3 days
Shenzhen Cebu 5 days
Qingdao Manila 10 days
Qingdao Cebu 13 days
How long does it take to ship from China to Philippines?FYI: Shanghai in East China, Shenzhen South China, and Qingdao North China, data from these 3 ports is enough to demonstrate the sea shipping time from China to Philippines.
The transit time by sea, port to port, depends on the specific origin and destination ports chosen, service route, sailing schedule and choice of carrier.
Above transit time is for full container load shipping, port to port only.
For LCL shipping time estimate, pls add 7-10 days

China-Philippines air shipping transit time

Generally air cargo from China to Philippines takes 3-5 days, depending on the origin/destination, service, and route chosen. 
The transit time can be reduced to 1 day when direct cargo flight is available. 
Direct flights route from China to Philippines
Guangzhou – Minila
Hongkong – Manila
Flight route is subject to change, consult a freight forwarder in China for the latest info and get a shipping solution and cost from China to Philippines.

How much does cargo shipping cost from China to Philippines?shipping cost from China to Philippines

Knowing the shipping cost from China to Philippines is essential to your business. Shipping cost is an indispensable, sometimes a significant portion of imports from China, which is true especially after the pandemic, for low-value products. 
However, sea and air freight rates vary according to season, available capacity, oil price fluctuation, sometimes sea & air shipping carriers’ strategic adjustment, and other commercial, environmental factors. Besides, every shipment is different, and clients may raise different requirements, making it difficult to provide a general estimate of freight cost. 
Reach out to a reputable freight forwarder for the best shipping solution and freight quote for your China-Philippines shipment.

Best way to ship goods from China to Philippines

When shipping cargo from China to Philippines, there’s no one simple answer to the “best way”. Every client is different, and has his specific conditions, requirements at the specific time, plus the fast changing shipping market. The best way is to rely on a reputable China freight forwarder for their knowledge and insight. Generally, to decide what the best way is to ship from China to Philippines, we’ll take the following factors into consideration.
1.    The type of goods and its value
Some goods may be rejected by airline, batteries, strong magnetic, inflammable goods, liquid, powder, etc. While some high-value equipment, clients may prefer to ship them by air. 
2.    How quickly you need your goods
As general rule of thumb, the quick you wish to receive the shipment, the more you’ll have to pay. 
3.    The load of your goods (size, weight, quantity) or simply share the packing list
How big is the shipment? If 2CBM, 500KG, LCL is recommended; if 65CBM, shipping a full 40ft container makes more sense. If the cargo is too heavy, 20ft container is better than 40ft.
4.    Supplier address (origin seaport/airport), delivery address(destination seaport/airport)
Of course, FROM and TO matter in shipping. 
5.    Goods ready time
As stated above, freight rates fluctuate with time. Another reason is, we have to know WHEN to book vessels and flight with the right schedule and guarantee space availability.

China-Philippines freight forwarderFreight forwarder, shipping from China to Philippines

Shipping from China to the Philippines can be challenging, time and energy consuming. With the help of a freight forwarder, your freight management can be made simple. 
A freight forwarder is a person or a company that handles all of the shipping logistics on clients’ behalf. They have expertise in international logistics, and knowledge in preparing documents required, access to shipping networks, to carry out the shipment. 
As one of the leading China based freight forwarding companies serving Philippines, our expertise and experience allow us to provide the most accurate answers and optimal shipping solutions tailored to your needs. 
Moreover, airlines and sea carriers have limited reach, through our freight forwarding service, China-Philippines door to door shipping is made possible.

China-Philippines door to door shippingDoor to door shipping from China to Philippines

We provide the easiest one-stop door to door shipping solution from China to the Philippines.
Sometimes maybe clients are not interested in handling the shipping process or papers, especially for small shipments, they just want to find a freight forwarder that takes care of everything, the only thing they do is to receive goods when they arrive. You are in the right place if you are seeking door to door shipping service from China to Philippines.
No matter what your shipment is, which shipping method you prefer, whether you are importing as a company or an individual, whether you are shipping to a commercial address, private address, we got you covered. We handle all the logistics related work from origin to destination, all the required paperwork, supervision, consolidation, loading, offloading, customs brokerage and final delivery, without adding any stress or pressure on the clients. 

How to ship from China to Philippines

Step 1: Contact a freight forwarder; a China based one is preferred.
You may reach out to a freight forwarder either from China or in your own country Philippines, while a Philippine forwarder is most likely to rely on a Chinese local shipping agent. So working directly with a China freight forwarder is more straightforward, as the majority of complexities and uncertainties of international cargo shipping lie in origin, not in destination.
More on “Why you should work with a local China freight forwarder
Step 2: Submit shipment details and get a freight quote from China
Step 3: Connect the freight forwarder with supplier
Step 4: Get cargo insurance (optional)
Step 5: Arrange customs clearance
Or you can simply reach us, the most professional China forwarder serving Philippines, fill in the quote form, you’ll receive a tailored shipping solution and freight quote, and you are on the way to best freight forwarding experience from China to Philippines.

Why us when importing and shipping from China to PhilippinesOne-stop shipping solution from China to Philippines

We are freight forwarder based in China, specialized and experienced in international logistics for import and export business. Whatever your shipment is, whether by sea or air, we have one-stop China-Philippines shipping solution. For importers from Philippines, the below reasons are what make us different among thousands of freight forwarding agents for your freight shipping from China.
  1. Quick Response, high efficiency
  2. Communication
  3. Professionalism, agility, accuracy
  4. Our logistics expertise, local and global connections
  5. Cost-saving
  6. Dedicated, focused
  7. Higher attention & tailored shipping solution
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As one of leading freight forwarding companies serving Philippines, we connect business between China and Philippines, aiming to streamline your supply chain and guarantee best-in-class China-Philippines shipping experience.

If you are considering shipping from China to Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Davao, Subic Bay, General Santos, Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, etc. ), whether by sea or air, reach out to the best freight forwarder for a one-stop shipping solution. Contact us, get a shipping solution and quote for your China-Philippines shipment. 
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