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Sea container, air cargo shipping from China to Mexico

Freight forwarder, shipping from China to MexicoMexico is the 2nd largest trading partner of China in Latin America, and China the 2nd largest trading partner of Mexico in the world. In 2021, the bilateral trade between China and Mexico hit a record high, reaching $86.6 billion. China is open to negotiating a free trade agreement with Mexico.

We’ll walk you through a full guide into shipping from China to Mexico, and wish to answer all your questions. The article includes shipping method, costs, transit time, best way to ship and what an experienced freight forwarder can do for your China-Mexico shipment.

There are many international freight forwarding companies that offer container shipping and air cargo transport services from China to Mexico. It’s crucial to work with a reputable and experienced freight forwarder who understands your requirements and always carries out the best shipping solution tailored to your needs.

For China-Mexico trade lane, the most popular shipping methods are sea freight and air freight. 

Sea Freight from China to Mexico

If you have limited budget, sea freight is the most cost-efficient way to have your cargo shipped from China to Mexico. Sea freight is popular, not only because it’s the least expensive way of shipping, but it’s capable of transporting large and bulk shipments, and accepts almost all kinds of cargo, even those classified as dangerous goods. Over 90% of the total shipments are carried by sea shipping from China to Mexico, as well as to elsewhere of the world. When you decide cost is more important than speed, then sea freight is the right way to go.

Sea freight, shipping from China to Mexico by seaFCL (Full container load): shipping a container filled with goods exclusively for one client from China to Mexico. Generally, we offer FCL shipping service to Mexico with 20ft container and 40ft container (20GP, 40GP and 40HQ). FCL is more cost efficient.
LCL (Less than container load): Sharing a container with other clients who have cargo to the same destination, at the same time. Naturally, due to extra work (consolidation, de-consolidation, warehousing, paperwork, etc.), the final cost on each unit is higher than FCL, and shipping takes longer. LCL is a good choice for small business to start with. If your cargo can’t fill an entire container, our consolidation service from China to Mexico is always available.

FCL and LCL are the most regular sea shipments. Additionally, if you are shipping OOG cargo from China to Mexico, we’d recommend flat rack or open top container solution; reefer container for temperature-sensitive products; and we even charter breakbulk and RO-RO ships for large, bulk shipment, vehicles and wheeled cargo. 

Are you looking to ship containers or other sea shipments from China to Mexico? Our sea freight forwarding services from China to Mexico covers all the major Chinese ports: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, etc. 
We offer port to port, door to port and door to door freight solutions from China to Mexico, depending on your specific requirements. With our door-to-door service, considering the final destination, we’ll transport your cargo via the most convenient port in Mexico, such as Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Veracruz, Altamira, Ensenada, etc.

Mexico’s main ports

More than ninety percent of Mexico’s Pacific Coast trade passes through either port of Manzanillo or Lazaro Cardenas.
Sea container shipping from China to Manzanillo, Mexico

Port of Manzanillo is the largest container port in Mexico, the main gateway for Mexico’s international trade.
Ranking 5th in Latin America and the Caribbean
Not only containers, but also well equipped to handle bulk products
The busiest Mexican port in 2021 with a total container throughput of 3.37 million TEU
Sea container shipping from China to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico
Lazaro Cardenas
One of the largest seaports in the Pacific Ocean basin
Mexico’s second busiest container port
The port of Lazaro Cardenas handled 1.69 million TEU in 2021
Sea container shipping from China to Veracruz, Mexico
Port of Veracruz is the country’s oldest and most historically-significant port.
Veracruz moved 1.16 million TEU in 2021 (+15.8%)
Sea container shipping from China to Altamira, Mexico
The Port of Altamira is located on Mexico’s eastern coast facing the Gulf of Mexico.
Altamira processed 0.885 million TEU in 2021 (+16.3%)
Sea container shipping from China to Ensenada, Mexico
The Port of Ensenada is a deepwater port on the western coast of the Baja California region, just 110km from the US state of California.
Ensenada 0.394 million TEU in 2021 (+2.6%)

If you are interested in shipping containers or other sea shipments from China to Mexico, we have the one-stop freight solution for you.
Contact us, get a solution and shipping cost for your China-Mexico shipment.

Air Freight from China to Mexico

Air freight, shipping from China to Mexico by airWhen time is of essence, air freight provides a fast delivery solution to shipping from China to Mexico. Maybe you have a pressing deadline, maybe the goods to be shipped are perishable, maybe you are just looking for a high security level for China-Mexico shipping, whatever it is, air cargo shipping is the right way to go. But remember, all these advantages come with higher cost.

We have developed strong relationships with major air carriers and established a vast network of air cargo transportation, offering daily and weekly cargo flights from China’s main airports to Mexico. When shipping by air, our team provides the best shipping solution and the fastest route which meets your needs and guarantees a relatively cost-efficient way. 

Flying your cargo with us gives you peace of mind as we take care of your air shipments from pick-up till delivery to the destination, overseeing every link of the logistics chain.

Our shipping options include airport-to-airport, door-to-airport and door-to-door services.

If you are interested in air cargo shipping service from China to Mexico, reach out to us for a solution and shipping cost

Airports in Mexico

Air cargo shipping from China to Mexico CityMexico City (IATA CODE: MEX)
The Benito Juárez International Airport is busiest airport in Mexico for passengers, the largest cargo hub (over 50% of the country’s total freight volume)
Ranking second in Latin America in terms of annual cargo tonnage

Guadalajara (IATA CODE: GDL)
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport
Main airport of Mexico’s second-largest city Guadalajara
Second hub for freight operations, accounted for 17.5% in 2021

Other airports
Monterrey International Airport (MTY)
Querétaro Intercontinental Airport (QRO)
Toluca International Airport (TLC)

How long does it take to ship from China to Mexico?

Cargo shipping from China to Mexico takes 20-30 days by sea, and 5-7 days by air. 
The actual transit time may vary depending on the shipping method, service and route chosen, etc. 

China-Mexico sea freight transit time

The transit time of shipping a container from China to Mexico ranges from 20 to 30 days, port to port. 
Container shipping transit time by sea from China to Mexico (Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas)
POL (port of loading) POD (port of discharge) Transit time
Shanghai Manzanillo 19 days
Shanghai Lazaro Cardenas 20 days
Shenzhen Manzanillo 25 days
Shenzhen Lazaro Cardenas 26 days
Qingdao Manzanillo 23 days
Qingdao Lazaro Cardenas 27 days
Transit time of cargo shipping from China to MexicoFYI: Shanghai in East China, Shenzhen South China, and Qingdao North China, data from these 3 ports is enough to demonstrate the sea shipping time from China to Mexico.
The transit time by sea, port to port, depends on the specific origin and destination ports chosen, service route, sailing schedule and choice on carrier.
Above transit time is for full container load shipping, port to port only, for LCL shipping time estimate, pls add 7-10 days.

China-Mexico air shipping transit time

Generally, an air shipment from China to takes 3-7 days to arrive in Mexico. 
As there’s no direct flight service connecting Chinese cities and Mexican cities, all cargo air shipped will be transferred in the US and sometimes in other places. 

If your shipment is urgent, make sure you contact our team for the fastest service and route. 
Get in touch with us by filling in the form, shipping solution and freight quote for your China-Mexico air shipment. 

Best way to ship from China to Mexico

Every client is different, and has his specific requirements at the specific time, plus the fast changing shipping market. Whatever the situation is, we are always looking for a fast and safe delivery of shipment at the minimum shipping cost possible. 
The best way to be ship from China to Mexico is to rely on an experienced freight forwarder for their knowledge and insight. We’ll work out the best shipping solution after considering your requirements. 
1.    The type of goods and its value
2.    How quickly you need your goods
3.    The load of your goods (size, weight, quantity) or simply share the packing list
4.    Supplier address (origin seaport/airport), delivery address(destination seaport/airport)
5.    Your budget
6.    Goods ready time
Submit the details to us, we’ll offer a tailored China-Mexico shipping solution, and this is the start of a hassle-free shipping experience. 
Get a shipping solution and freight quote from us.Shipping cost from China to Mexico

How much does shipping from China to Mexico cost?

Shipping a 40ft container from China to Mexico used to cost $1000-2000, until the COVID pandemic, shipping rates went up 7-8 times higher. 
It’s impossible to provide a general estimate of shipping cost from China to Mexico. 
1.    Each shipment is different, and clients may have various requirements under some specific circumstances. 
2.    The shipping market is fast changing, sea and air freight rates fluctuate frequently, affected by seasonal and strategic adjustment by carriers, as well as by law of supply and demand. The year-on-year difference could be drastic, and price for last week may not be valid for this week. 
3.    Client’s timing requirement also influences the shipping cost. General rule of thumb, the quicker you wish to receive the shipment, the more you’ll have to pay for shipping.
Knowing the shipping cost from China to Mexico is essential to business if you are importing goods from China. Shipping cost is an indispensable, and sometimes constitutes a large percentage of the final landed cost of imported goods. 

Contact us now to obtain a tailored shipping solution and the latest shipping cost from China to Mexico.

Freight forwarder shipping from China to Mexico

Freight forwarder shipping from China to Mexico door to doorShipping from China to Mexico is time & energy consuming, so why not leave it to the professional freight forwarder?

Using an experienced freight forwarder to handle your shipments from China to Mexico allows you focus more on your main business, to bring the best out of you. Everybody’s got his specialty and expertise. With the help of a professional freight forwarding team, your shipment will be well planned and carried out smoothly, avoiding delay and potential extra charges, and freight management made easier than ever.

As one of the top China based freight forwarders serving Mexico, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the most accurate answers and optimal shipping solutions tailored to your needs. Leave it to the expert, and you are freed from all the troubles and complexity of shipping and logistics. 

Moreover, we have representatives in Mexico and have been working with other local Mexican freight forwarders as well. By combining our freight forwarding services with their networks, we are able to provide the easiest one-stop door to door shipping solution from China to Mexico.

How to ship from China to Mexico

Step 1: Contact a freight forwarder; a China based one is preferred.
You may reach out to a freight forwarder either from China or in Mexico, while a Mexican forwarder is most likely to rely on a Chinese local shipping agent. So working directly with a China freight forwarder is more straightforward, as the majority of complexities and uncertainties of international cargo shipping lie in origin, not in destination.
More on “Why you should work with a local China freight forwarder”
Step 2: Provide shipment details and get a shipping quote from China
Step 3: Connect forwarder with supplier, forwarder does his job
Step 4: Get cargo insurance (optional)
Step 5: Arrange customs clearance
Or you can simply rely on us for the easiest one-stop door to door shipping solution from China to Mexico, whether by sea or air freight.
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One-stop door to door shipping solution from China to Mexico by sea and air freightWhy us when importing and shipping from China to Mexico

We are China based freight forwarder specialized and experienced in international logistics for China-Mexico import & export business. Through years of effort on China-Latin America trade lane, we have developed service agreements with the best sea and air shipping carriers. This allows us to offer various shipping solutions, routes and schedules from China to Mexico at fair rates with space guarantee especially in peak seasons. 
1.    Quick Response, high efficiency
2.    Communication
3.    Professionalism, agility, accuracy
4.    Our logistics expertise, local and global connections
5.    Cost-saving
6.    Dedicated, focused
7.    Higher attention & tailored shipping solution

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As one of the leading China based freight forwarder serving Mexico, we are dedicated to simplifying and improving your supply chain. Whatever you are shipping, standard sea container, air cargo, refrigerated or oversized cargo, we have the logistics expertise, local knowledge and global network to fulfill a fast and safe delivery of shipment from China to Mexico. 

If you are considering shipping from China to Mexico (Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Veracruz, Altamira, Ensenada, etc.), whether by sea or air, reach out to the best freight forwarder to ensure a stress-free shipping experience. 
Contact us, get a shipping solution and quote for your China-Mexico shipment. 
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