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When it comes to freight shipping from China, the most widely chosen shipping methods are sea freight and air freight. We are always bothered by time and cost. While planes are much faster than ships, they are also way more expensive. Shipping containers from China by sea is affordable, but the transit time is quite long. 

Rail freight is a new mode of international transportation, is the transporting of cargo all or some of the way between the shipper and the intended destination using freight train, gaining more and more popularity these years. Shipping from China by freight train is the perfect solution when air shipping is too expensive and sea freight takes too long.
Rail freight provides versatility, high carrying capacity, and speed making it a great option. 
Advantages of Rail FreightRail freight from China, shipping from China by cargo train
1.    Environment friendly
Compared to road transport, shipping goods by rail consumes less energy and cause less emission of carbon dioxide, far less than air shipping. Rail freight makes a perfect complement to sea & air shipping, and has become the very first choice of transport mode under the circumstance of global low carbon economy.
2.    Lower cost
Lower price compared with air shipping, less affected by oil price fluctuation compared with sea shipping.
3.    Stable shipping schedule, shorter transit time
4.    Safety assured
Railway freight is considered the safest method compared to sea freight, air freight or road transport.
5.    Connectivity
Train stations are often connected with or have easy access to seaports, global reach is made easy through intermodal transport.
6.    Less cash-flow pressure
The shorter transit time means faster cash-flow and consequently more turnover is possible based on same amount of invested capital, which is very good news for high-value cargo owners.

We offer Rail freight & Intermodal transport service from China.

Main Railway terminals in China

Shipping from Chengdu by rail, freight train from China

Chengdu Rail terminal
This is the most important terminal in China, also considered as the most reliable. It’s part of the New Silk Road. Currently, freight trains from and to Chengdu leave every day and everything points that the number will instantly grow. Freight trains from Chengdu to Lodz have been arriving since 2013. In 2015, regular railway connections between Chengdu and some European cities were opened.
Main railway routes from Chengdu China to Europe:
Chengdu – Budapest (Hungary)
Chengdu – Lodz (Poland)
Chengdu – Moscow (Russia)
Chengdu – Nuremberg (Germany)
Chengdu – Tilburg (Netherlands)

Shipping from Wuhan by rail, freight train from ChinaRail Freight from China, Shipping from China by freight train

Wuhan Rail Terminal
Wuhan is one of the major railway terminals in China, financed by the Chinese government. It is considered one of the most reliable terminals. Wuhan also has a railway connection with Lodz. Due to the geographic location and its role as a transportation hub, Wuhan is becoming the place of production base for some international corporations.
Main railway routes from Wuhan China to Europe
Wuhan – Duisburg (Germany)
Wuhan – Hamburg (Germany)
Wuhan – Lodz (Poland)
Wuhan – Moscow (Russia)
Wuhan – Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Shipping from Xi’an by rail, freight train from China

Xi’an Rail Terminal
Xi’an station is a well-equipped international railway terminal, aiming for trade between China and Europe. It’s a significant place for the “Belt and Road Initiative” due to the multimodal transport infrastructure. In 2013, freight trains were launched from Xi’an to Central Asia, and then the administration made decision of opening new routes to Europe. The Xi’an terminal dispatch cargo trains to Europe on daily basis. Usually, the shipped goods are construction materials, mechanical equipment, food, and daily consumer goods.
Xi’an is also a gateway to import meat and grain. The administration intends to make Xi’an the most significant international distribution center along the New Silk Road and to promote trade between neighboring countries.
Main railway routes from Xi’an China to Europe
Xi’an – Budapest (Hungary)
Xi’an – Ghent (Belgium)
Xi’an – Hamburg (Germany)
Xi’an – Kouvola (Finland)
Xi’an – Milan (Italy)
Xi’an – Warsaw (Poland)

Shipping from Zhengzhou by rail, freight train from China

Zhengzhou Rail Terminal
This terminal has a perfect connection to Hamburg, which takes 15 days. The first cargo train from Zhengzhou to Hamburg left in July 2013. In 2017, from January to November, trains from Zhengzhou to Hamburg made exactly 449 trips, over 234,000 tons of cargo, worth 2.44 billion dollars were shipped. Cargo volume has been on the rise on this railway route. Various goods are transported, including textiles, car parts, medical equipment, electronics, and clothing which were later delivered to different EU cities, Russia, and Central Asia.
Main railway routes from Zhengzhou China to Europe
Zhengzhou – Hamburg (Germany)
Zhengzhou – Liege (Belgium)
Zhengzhou – Munich (Germany)

Shipping from Yiwu by rail, freight train from China

Yiwu Rail Terminalfreight train from Yiwu China to Madrid Spain
Yiwu, known as a trade center for small commodities. From Yiwu runs the longest freight train route in the world, ending in Madrid. The distance is about 13,000 km. The line passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and France. The trip lasts 21 days. FYI, the second-longest railway route in the world also starts in Yiwu and leads to London, about 12,000 km.

Shipping from Tianjin by rail, freight train from China

Tianjin Rail Terminal
Tianjin is another Chinese city connected to Europe via a railway line. In 2016, the Tianjin-Minsk route was launched. Another route is connected to Moscow. This can provide convenient and rapid shipping support and services to accelerate economic and trade exchange between China and Europe.

Shipping from Chongqing by rail, freight train from China

Chongqing Rail Terminal
The first railway line connecting Chongqing with Europe was established in 2011. A railway line leading to Duisburg in Germany leaves from the Chongqing terminal, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland. It’s also part of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
Main railway routes from Chongqing China to Europe:
Chongqing – Cherkessk (Russia)
Chongqing – Duisburg (Germany)
Chongqing – Minsk (Belarus)

Shipping from Suzhou by rail, freight train from China

Suzhou Rail Terminal
Suzhou is a strategic terminal of Jiangsu Province. This terminal has perfect connection with Warsaw. Freight trains leave regularly, two to three times a week, T/T is about 14 days, travel along the Trans-Siberian railway route. From Suzhou, freight trains are mainly carrying electronic products, instruments, and branded clothes.

Shipping from Changsha by rail, freight train from China

Changsha Rail Terminal
Changsha is capital of the Hunan province, Central South of China. In 2018, a freight train from Changsha heading to Tilburg, Netherlands was launched, T/T 16 days. Changsha is gradually transforming into the center for the consolidation of cargo from Central China. It has good perspectives of growth, due to the development of certain sectors of economy. Tilburg, on the other hand, is the Netherlands’ second largest transport logistics hub, equipped with modern infrastructure necessary for handling large cargo flows coming by transit trains. By connecting these two cities, a new service will definitely contribute to the development of both China and Europe.

Rail freight is becoming an increasingly important and a competitive transport mode in terms of both speed and cost. With the Belt and Road Initiative, it’s predicted that rail freight will change trade patterns between China and Europe, challenging the traditional air freight and sea freight methods.
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