Things you don’t know about cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is a kind of insurance protection for commodities in cargo transportation. The purpose of this insurance is to obtain economic compensation for the losses caused by natural disasters or accidents in the course of waterway, railway, highway and combined transportation of goods in transportation, and to strengthen the transportation of goods. Do a good job in safety and loss prevention, and promote the production and circulation of commodities.

cargo insurance

"Consumers must read the freight insurance clauses carefully before purchasing freight insurance." Cargo insurance experts believe that the first thing to look at is what insurance companies can insure. If you don't read it carefully beforehand, you will find that the cargo insurance clause is unavailable before the claim is settled. This question is too late.

The second is to figure out what the insurance company does not cover. It is more important to understand the exemptions listed by the insurance company. Past experience has shown that consumers will have disputes with insurance companies when they settle claims, and this is often the part. The risks of cargo insurance are divided into basic risks and additional risks. The so-called basic insurance refers to risks that can be insured and underwritten separately.

The so-called additional insurance refers to the types of insurance that cannot be insured and underwritten separately. The insured can only choose to insure based on the basic insurance according to his own needs. If the additional insurance clause conflicts with the basic insurance clause, the additional insurance clause shall prevail: if no additional insurance clause is specified, the basic insurance clause shall prevail.

In fact, cargo insurance is a special product that can only be purchased on demand. It should not be hindered to purchase insurance that is not needed at all, or to buy only a symbolic point in order to take care of the situation, but this is far from meeting the needs of real insurance. Become a de facto "chicken rib" insurance.

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