air shipping company tell you what to pay attention to shipping packaging

Personal international direct purchases have been getting better and better in recent years, and have basically become a normal life. So what should I do if air shipping international express arrives at the customs clearance? What are the precautions? Doesn't international express need to declare?

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This is a problem frequently encountered by express customs clearance customers. Now Xiaobian has summarized the following content, hoping to help customers.

1. International express customs clearance goods that need to be declared are generally detained because the declared value is too low. You need to pay the customs value-added tax after the formal declaration before you can pick up the goods from the customs supervision warehouse. Customers who require importer inspection or do not have their own customs declaration documents can find a customs declaration company with import operation rights to clear customs on their behalf.
2. What are the costs of air shipping international express customs clearance? Generally, the common express customs clearance costs are mainly customs clearance, inspection, and airline warehousing costs. From the goods to the Hong Kong airport to the end of customs clearance, in addition to 15 days, there will be additional storage costs. There will also be stagnation of friendship friendship freight. Therefore, it is recommended to provide complete and clear customs clearance information, which can not only save a lot of time for proofreading customs declaration documents, but also reduce the probability of customs inspection.

3. What are the special considerations in the customs clearance process of air shipping? International express customs clearance requires a detailed and accurate description of the actual cargo name. The customs has very complete requirements for the declaration elements, and the actual weight of the goods, the number of pieces, and the corresponding tax number. The unit price should be consistent with the actual goods. If you have any unclear requirements for specific declarations, you can ask the customs broker to confirm.

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