Air logistics is also known as air shipping. In the case of air lines and airports, aircraft can be used as a means of transport. Aviation logistics initially assumed the mission of long-distance passenger transportation. Now, with the rapid development of logistics, air transportation has already played a very important role in freight transportation.
The speed of air transportation is relatively fastest. There are many cities that can be transported on the same day. However, in this case, it is necessary to see early shifts and flights, but relatively speaking, air transport can basically satisfy every customer's transportation. Claim.
        Air transportation is also relatively safe and reliable. When transporting, air express delivery must be carried out. Express shipments need to be completed in the relevant flow department from beginning to end. Each branch office has relevant regulatory procedures when operating, and the service standards are basically the same. In this way, the internal information of the company is more convenient when it is actually exchanged. The high-value or easy-to-break goods of the customer also have certain protection, and the safety and reliability of air transportation are also brought into play.
        Air transportation will be more convenient and convenient for every customer.

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