Automated Manifest System digitally transforms global trade

With the rapid development of global trade, traditional cargo clearance and customs declaration methods can no longer meet the needs of modern society. In order to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and improve safety, the United States has launched an Automated Manifest System

The definition and function of Automated Manifest System

The Automated Manifest System is a tracking system implemented by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The system requires all vessels transiting U.S. waters to upload details of their cargo through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) before entering any U.S. port. This system covers all shipping documents and procedures necessary for a ship to enter its destination U.S. port.

Advantages of Automated Manifest System

The key benefit of the Automated Manifest System is that it enables port and border control to count and inspect cargo before it enters a U.S. port. Because the Automated Manifest System is computerized, air and ocean carriers no longer need to prepare and complete unnecessary paperwork for their cargo and route details. The Automated Manifest System also allows U.S. Customs and Border Control to more smoothly inspect the contents of shipments and identify security threats.

The Automated Manifest System improves the efficiency and security of global trade by streamlining customs clearance and declaration processes. In the future, as technology develops, we expect to see more similar systems adopted by other countries to achieve the digital transformation of global trade.

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