Some knowledge about cargo insurance

How to buy cargo insurance? Many people think of buying insurance when they encounter large amounts of goods to be shipped, but how should they be insured? What is cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance introduction:

Cargo insurance takes the goods in transit as the subject of insurance, and the insurer is responsible for compensation liability for the loss of goods caused by natural disasters and accidents.

What is domestic cargo insurance?

Domestic cargo insurance is based on the goods in the process of domestic transportation as the subject of insurance, and financial compensation is provided when the subject encounters losses caused by natural disasters or accidents.

cargo insurance

According to the distribution method, it can be divided into: direct cargo insurance, intermodal cargo transportation insurance, and container transportation insurance. According to the means of transportation, it can be divided into: water cargo transportation insurance, land cargo transportation insurance, and air cargo transportation insurance.

From the perspective of the nature of insurance, cargo insurance is much more complicated than ordinary insurance. Therefore, the procedures of how to pay for insurance and claim compensation are also different from other insurances. It is precisely because of the particularity of cargo insurance that you must go to an insurance company or a legal insurance agency to purchase cargo transportation insurance.

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