What is the important role of cargo insurance

Cargo insurance plays a very important role. Unless you have already insured, your goods will not be insured automatically. During any one transportation process, your goods will be processed many times. Deciding to insure your goods will protect you from possible damage and loss. Without proper protection, you may be severely short of money.

cargo insurance

Due to the recent blockade of the Suez Canal, there have also been problems with the coverage of cargo insurance. Although the cargo has not been damaged, due to the large-scale delays of many ships, shipping companies are seeking general average from the cargo owners to pay for the additional resulting cost. In this case, proper insurance coverage is also required.

Cargo insurance provides insurance for loss or damage to your goods during transportation. Whether you are transporting the goods into or out of Australia, the insurance policy is tailored to your needs. All types of cargo including sea, air, road and rail are insured.

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