Differences and precautions for air shipping

Generally, there are two ways of air shipping as we all know now. One is to carry the cargo by air, or the other is to carry the cargo on the belly of the passenger plane. But sometimes passenger planes also have aircraft cargo warehouses, but because of space restrictions, the cargo warehouse is only about 150 cubic meters, which is generally used to check luggage and transport small cargo.

The first is a cargo aircraft that was already manufactured, and a cargo aircraft converted from a passenger aircraft. Remove the seats and the on-board service facilities such as the kitchen, install the rails and other cargo space required facilities, and then become the cargo plane. Generally, there are very few civil aircraft designed for cargo transportation, and most of the cargo aircraft are generally converted from retired passenger aircraft. Passenger and cargo aircraft. The first half is for passengers, and the second half is cargo space.

The difference between air shipping and passenger aircraft, passenger aircraft can take small cargo, and cargo aircraft can take large cargo. There are few passenger aircraft cabins. Small cargo can be considered for bulk cargo, and cargo with larger pallets is recommended. Huge door design

Passenger planes have more boarding hatches and escape hatches, while cargo planes are equipped with fewer boarding gates, and are replaced by larger cargo hatches, which are distributed in the front and rear cargo holds, and the lower cargo holds. More than 2 meters, more than 3 meters wide for cargo loading.

For passenger cargo transportation, baggage trailers are used to transport checked baggage from the terminal to the apron, and then the luggage is transported to the aircraft by a luggage conveyor. The entire cabin of the cargo plane is used to store cargo so it is different from the passenger plane in terms of loading. The cargo loading of the cargo plane mainly uses a lifting platform truck. After the cargo is delivered to the height of the door, the rollers on the platform transport the cargo into the aircraft cabin.

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