General notes on Air Freight or Courier

Air Freight or Courier cargo packaging should be sturdy to prevent damage and leakage of contents during transportation; it should also prevent cargo damage and deterioration due to stacking, friction, vibration, and changes in air pressure and temperature, and prevent damage to operators and defaced aircraft , Ground equipment and other items.

Air Freight or Courier packages are not allowed to carry prohibited or restricted items, dangerous goods, valuables, confidential documents and materials. Therefore, goods that are precise, fragile, shock-proof, and pressure-resistant, and cannot be inverted must have corresponding packaging measures and instructions to prevent damage to the goods.

The shipper needs to indicate the departure station, arrival station, and the unit, name, and detailed address of the shipper and consignee on the package of each shipment. When the shipper uses the old package, he must remove the old signs and labels of the old package. The packaging of such special goods as live animals, live perishables, valuables, etc. all need to meet the specific requirements of air transport for the goods.

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