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         Air shipping is divided according to the region, and the company cooperates with a small number of 3PLs, and they serve all other services. This form of logistics is reasonable and economical in response to the previous business operations. However, corresponding to the new business management form, customer-led, demand-driven, high-frequency orders, small batches, more and more fragmented, and more diversified channels.
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        Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned static transportation network will become more and more out of line. I think that the new business management form and the form of addition must have a new logistics form corresponding to it, called the intelligent dynamic transportation network, and the dynamic delivery network on the back. The driving force comes from the changes of the owner's own business, which is attributed to the needs of the enterprise. The beginning may be slow, but once the trend is formed and the profession is on the benchmark, it is likely to constitute a spark.
         Some customers feel together - at this moment, the tide is surging and the future is surging. Time efficiency For the enterprise, the product should not be delivered to the address of the customer's demand, and should also be delivered at the time of the customer's demand to complete its price. The effect at all times is to deliver the product at the time the customer needs it. The logistics company changes the orientation of the product after transportation, and the time effect of the product also occurs.
         Occupation efficiency is closely related to product marketing in marketing. The so-called product marketing. It is a kind of effort to directly or indirectly touch the customer and add the customer's product prestige. Marketing relies on logistics companies to generate address and time effects, thus completing the product's occupancy efficiency. Manpower Efficacy Manpower is a reasonable division of personnel operations in logistics activities, from the acceptance of orders, packaging, processing orders, transportation, etc., to the appropriate assignment of personnel.

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