How to pack air freight red wine to be safe?

        I believe everyone knows that red wine transportation packaging is a key task in the whole process. Bottles and bottles need to be separated with soft materials to prevent collision.

        If there is also red wine air freight, according to different airports and different airlines, it is necessary to adopt corresponding wooden racks and wooden box packaging. In particular, some airlines also stipulate that the single piece of red wine packaging cannot exceed 30 kg weight and wooden racks. The spacing between the packed wooden strips cannot exceed 5 cm;

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          Red wine air freight is a very troublesome business. It is necessary to understand the regulations and serve the customers attentively in order to gain the trust of customers.

         Also on the red freight air freight packaging, it is important to note that the red wine trademark cannot be used to make icons on the packaging. The trademark on the bottle is the only way for customers to identify the wine before it is identified. Therefore, before packaging the red wine, we also need to wrap it with film or pearl cotton or an inflatable bag to prevent other packaging materials from touching the vase label. After such treatment, it can also prevent the damage of a bottle of red wine and cause the wine to be contaminated to other bottles.

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