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Industrial structure of sea freight

The development of marine transportation is conducive to improving the country’s industrial structure and the structure of international trade and export commodities.
Ocean transportation is realized by the practice of nautical activities. The foundation of nautical activities is the shipbuilding industry, nautical technology and seafarers who master the technology. The shipbuilding industry is a comprehensive industry, and its development can drive the development of the iron and steel industry, shipbuilding equipment industry, and electronic instrumentation industry, and promote the improvement of the entire country's industrial structure. my country has gradually become a ship exporting country from the original ship importing country in recent years, and is becoming a major ship exporting country. Due to the continuous development of my country's navigation technology, the dispatch of crew labor services has attracted the attention of countries all over the world. With the development of the ocean transportation industry, my country’s ocean-going shipping fleet has entered the top 10 in the world, providing conditions for the large-scale shipbreaking industry in the future, not only providing cheap raw materials, saving energy and importing ore for the smelting of steel plants in my country. Consumption, and can export scrap steel for export. It can be seen that, due to the development of the marine transportation industry, not only the national industrial structure can be improved, but also the commodity structure in international trade will be improved.

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