International logistics|About shopee's logistics introduction

international logistics

Regardless of the platform or the seller, the logistics link is a very important and indispensable part. The level of logistics price and efficiency directly determines the sales of the seller's products and the evaluation of the store.
Today we take a look at the logistics overview of shopee, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. First of all, we first clarify which sites Shopee has in Southeast Asia. There are a total of shopee sites in Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Shopee's cross-border logistics in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand mainly use three channels: Shopee's own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service), LWE, and CK1 China Post's small package service.
Shopee's cross-border logistics services in Indonesia mainly use Shopee's own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service) and LWE's Indonesian logistics channels. It is officially recommended that sellers who originally used the SLS Standard Express channel switch to the SLS Standar Ekspres channel. Due to local logistics conditions, postal channels will not be opened for the time being.
Shopee's cross-border logistics services in the Philippines and Vietnam mainly use Shopee's own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service).
Here are two payment methods that buyers can choose when placing an order at shopee, one is Non-COD (non-cash on delivery) and the other is COD (cash on delivery). Non-COD packages need to be paid online when the buyer places the order. Credit cards, bank transfers, etc. can be used; for COD packages, the logistics provider collects the payment and freight from the recipient. After the buyer places the order No online payment actions are required.

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