International logistics process

Seven steps for international logistics

Cross-mirror e-commerce has been expanding rapidly. The first element in the circulation of goods overseas is to understand the delivery process of international shipments.
The first step: handle consignment
It is equivalent to contacting the courier company and filling out the courier form when sending domestic express, but this is much more complicated. It will involve many detailed issues such as the nature of the goods, packaging, insurance, and the conditions of the carrying aircraft.
Step 2: Arrange the space
Just understand the literal meaning directly in this step.
The third step: customs declaration (customs)
Key points: Customs declaration documents include export goods declaration forms, commercial invoices, packing lists, and commodity inspection certificates.
Some products also need to show quarantine reports, export contracts, etc.
Step 4: Install
Please understand the literal meaning directly.
Step 5: Issue the waybill
After the cargo is loaded, the airline will give you a waybill.
Step 6: Notify the buyer
Step 7: Pick up the goods
The buyer has the same order and goods when picking up the goods, and there is no objection. Signing for the entire international air express process on the waybill is considered complete.

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