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When shipping containers to the USA, we hear these terms now and then, IPI, RIPI, MLB. 

What's IPI?

IPI stands for Interior Point Intermodal. It refers to shipments that arrive at a West Coast port, continuing across land to their final destination. IPI shipments move via truck for short distance, and rail for long distance.

What's RIPI?

Reverse Interior Point Intermodal
In a RIPI scenario, the freight would travel through Panama Canal and arrive to an East Coast port, then transported west bound to the final destination.

What's MLB?

Mini Land Bridge, used to describe an intermodal freight service that utilizes ocean and truck or rail to transport to another port location after reaching one port, for example, a shipment coming from Shanghai to New York via Long Beach.

The difference is, IPI delivers the shipment to consignee, while MLB delivers to another terminal. 
IPI and RIPI are often used by clients. MLB is utilized when the all-water route via Panama Canal takes too long and clients can’t wait, MLB shipping time would be approx. 10 days faster, of course, comes at higher cost. 

So if you are shipping containers from China to East Coast of the USA, and having a pressing deadline, then using MLB instead of all-water route via Panama Canal will definitely save you some time. 
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