Latest U.S. Trade Actions/Tariffs and Other Countries Retaliatory Measures

Latest update on trade war

Updated on Dec 4, 2018

Last update: Added South Africa’s Section 232 steel and aluminum exemptions.

Unofficial spreadsheet with Final 301 list, partial list, and HTS’ removed added.

U.S. Trade Actions


Covered Products

Rate Increase

Effective Date

Section 232

Steel and Aluminum

Steel – 25%
Aluminum – 10%



Steel – all countries of origin except South Korea, Brazil, and Argentina (agreed to quotas); and Australia (exempted).

Aluminum – all countries of origin except Argentina (agreed to quota); and Australia (exempted).

Beginning August 13, steel articles covered by Section 232 from Turkey are subject to an ad valorem duty rate of 50%.

On October 24, South Africa was granted exemptions on 161 aluminum and 36 steel products by the Commerce Department.

Section 232

Autos and Automotive Parts



Section 301

For the final list of products in List 1, please click here.

For the final list of products in List 2, please click here.

For the final list of products in List 3, please click here.














List 1 totaling $34 billion worth of imports is composed of 818 tariff lines, and went into effect on 7/6/2018.

List 2 totaling $16 billion worth of imports was originally composed of 284 proposed tariff lines identified by the interagency Section 301 Committee. 279 of the 284 lines went into effect on 8/23/2018.

List 3 totaling approximately $200 billion of imports was originally composed of 6,031 tariff lines. 5,745 full and partial lines go into effect on 9/24/2018.

Retaliatory Actions



For covered products, please click here.

Table 1 – 25%
Table 2 – 10%
Table 3 – 10%



The Canadian government received over 1,000 submissions of public feedback during public consultations on its original list.

Canada is imposing countermeasures against C$16.6 billion in imports of steel, aluminum, and other products from the U.S., representing the value of 2017 Canadian exports affected by the U.S. tariffs.


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Annex I – 10% or 25%
Annex II – 10% – 50%

Annex I – 6/22/2018
Annex II – 3/23/2018 or 5th day after WTO Dispute Settlement Body rules against the U.S. action, whichever is first.


For the latest status, please click here.


For the translated list of covered products, please click here.

7% – 25% (pages 1-4)


10% – 15% (page 5)




Most retaliatory measures effective as of 6/5/2018. An “exception” list is effective on 7/5/2018.

China (Response to Section 232 Tariffs)

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Annex I – 15% – 25%



See above.

China (Response to Section 301 Tariffs)

For covered products in List 1, please click here.

(Unofficial Version)



For covered products in List 2, please click here.(Unofficial Version)



For covered products in List 3 (announced August 3), please click here.(Unofficial Version)

Annex 1 and 2 – now 10%

Annex 3 – now 5%

Annex 4 – remains 5%

(Originally 1-3 were 25, 20, and 10 percent, respectively)



List 1 is composed of 545 tariff lines, and goes into effect on 7/6/2018.

List 2 contains 333 tariff lines on U.S. goods worth $16 billion. Start date is 8/23/2018.

List 3 contains 5,207 tariff lines on U.S. worth $60 billion. Start date is 9/24/2018.


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Up to $10.6 billion;
Annex I – 5% – 100%



The U.S. declined India’s request for WTO consultations. Thus leading to India’s retaliation tariffs on U.S. goods, effective immediately.


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Up to $1.91 billion

TBD – no earlier than March 23, 2021, or the 5th day following the date of a decision from the WTO DSB, whichever comes first.


No update since May 18, 2018. Ambassador Lighthizer is holding trade talks with Economy Minister Motegi in July. Under Secretary McKinney is also leading a trade mission to Japan to discuss a possible bilateral trade deal.


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Up to $3.16 billion



Russia will apply the proposed suspension of equivalent concessions upon the expiration of 30 days from the day on which Council on Trade in Goods has been notified. The suspension will continue until the U.S. lifts the safeguard measures.


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Up to $1.78 billion;
Annex I – 5% – 40%



Update on 10/15/2018: certain HTSUS subheadings covered by the supplemental action were modified as of October 1, 2018. This notice conforms the September 21 supplemental action to the HTSUS modifications in the Presidential Proclamation and amends the prior action taken in the investigation by removing certain subheadings of the HTSUS listed in Annex A to the September 21st Notice. 83 FR 49153.

Update on 8/22/2018: added the Government of Turkey’s WTO response to the U.S.’ doubling of tariffs on steel articles covered by Section 232 imported from Turkey.

Update on 8/16/2018: added link to Federal Register Notice formalizing China List 2 Section 301 tariffs.

Update on 8/14/2018: added new Section 232 tariff of 50% on steel from Turkey.

Update on 8/8/2018: added China’s retaliatory tariffs on $16 billion – List of affected HTS Subheadings includes additional 219 tariff items, plus tariff rate of 25%.

Update on 8/7/2017: added USTR’s final list of covered products for Section 301 List 2 tariffs with 25% tariff rate.

Update on 8/3/18: added China’s latest Section 301 (List 3) retaliatory tariffs.

Update on 8/2/2018: changed the proposed rate for China Section 301 List 3 from 10 percent to 25 percent.

Update on 7/13/2018: added link to an unofficial searchable and filterable spreadsheet listing the tariff codes for all three current U.S. Section 301 tariff lists (see last line in Section 301 Status).

Update on 7/11/2018: added new U.S. Section 301 tariffs announced on 7/10/2018.

Update on 7/2/2018: added EU Annex I tariffs effective.

Update on 6/29/2018: added Canadian retaliatory tariffs.

Update on 6/21/2018: added India, Japan, Russia, and Turkey.

Update on 6/18/2018: added China’s Section 301 retaliatory tariffs.

Update on 6/15/2018: added new U.S. Section 301 tariffs; added translated version of Mexican retaliatory measures and updated Mexico section.

Update on 9/18/2018: added the final list of products in List 3, its tariff rate of 10 percent, effective date of 9/24/2018, and tariff rate of 25 percent effective on 1/1/2019. Also, China’s retaliatory action for the new tariffs has been updated. The tariff rates changed for three of the four annexes. The new tariffs are effective on 9/24/2018.

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