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Japanese car carrier and Chinese cargo ship collide off Guangzhou, three missing

Morning Cherry and Chen Chang 332 collision in Pearl Rivery estuary fairway

Car carrier Morning Cherry collided with general cargo ship Chen Chang 332 near Guangzhou on Wednesday evening. The incident occurred when Morning Cherry was enroute to South Korea, and Chen Chang 332 was on the way to Dongguan from Shenzhen.

Chen Chang 332 suffered a major breach to the hull after the collision, leading to the sinking of the vessel. All of the 12 crew abandoned the vessel. Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration managed to rescue 9 of the crews, while the other three remain missing. Morning Cherry suffered minor damage and it is now docked at the Nansha anchorage off Guangzhou.

Morning Cherry is operated by Japanese owner Shoei Kisen and Chen Chang 332 is owned by local company Chen Chang Shipping.

Search and rescue operations for the missing crew are ongoing.

Shipments from/to Guangzhou will be delayed. 

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