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Reasons Why You Should Find a China Freight Forwarder

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To complete your import from China, you need shipping service from China. As a buyer, finding a freight broker in your own countries is much easier, but not so wise. It will definitely not save cost for you, not necessarily can they handle the shipment efficiently.

1. Fair price

Price always matters.

What’s the reason that you buy from China? You got the same reason for choosing a local freight forwarder in China. Low labor cost, low exchange rate, low handling fees, etc.


2. Remove superfluous link, more efficient,

Even if the forwarder from your own country can handle shipments from China, they will actually have to reply on companies in China, like ours, for local services, local knowledge, local relationships, esp connections with customs. So, why not work with us directly? More links involved, more superfluous communications needed, more possibilities for mistakes, more cost. By working with Us directly (skipping the middle men), you work save cost and work more efficiently.


3. The majority of work and complexities lie in Local - China side

Shipping from China, the majority of work and complexities lie in China side. Working with forwarder from your own country won’t guarantee timely communication and prompt action, updates on shipments are not instant, for he will have to check with his China agent and there is always a delay in this process. Delays and lack of communication are a recurrent problem faced by importers/buyers when they import from China. Most Chinese are diligent and hardworking, willing to stay in touch with client even after work, whether you are from Africa or North America.


4. Get focused

Find a freight forwarder/shipping agent with good reputation, hopefully Us. Focus your time and energy on your core business. 

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