sea freight | Common Risks Encountered During Shipping by Sea

1. Risk of shipwreck
The risk of shipwreck mainly refers to the risk that occurs in the process of marine transportation of ships and goods or accompanying marine transportation. It includes natural disasters and accidents. Among them, natural disasters refer to the disasters caused by the destructive force caused by the mutation of nature. Accidents are accidents caused by unexpected reasons.

2. Non-artificial external risks
Non-artificial external risks refer to the risks caused by various other external reasons. Such risks can be roughly divided into two situations: general external risks and special external risks. Among them, the general external risk refers to the risk caused by theft, rain, moisture, heat and other reasons of the goods during transportation. The special external risks refer to the risks and losses caused by political, military, national prohibitions and control measures such as wars, strikes, and refusal to deliver goods.
In addition, new policies or new control measures promulgated by some countries and some bans from international organizations may also cause losses to be unable to export or import goods.

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