UCS, Sea freight from China main ports to Venezuela

Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of South America with diverse natural attractions.

Ports of Venezuela

La Guaira

The Port of La Guaira is the most popular and second largest port in Venezuela, partly because it is only about one hour from the capital city of Caracas. In fact, it is not a natural port, but a modern constructed port designed specifically for this location. The Port of La Guaira is the busiest port in Venezuela.

Puerto Cabello

The Port of Puerto Cabello, or Cabello Port, is on the north coast of Venezuela, about 75 km west of Caracas. This is the largest port in Venezuela and is known for its importance in the oil industry.


Maracaibo is a city in northwestern Venezuela and the capital of Zulia state, known as the center of Venezuela’s oil industry. 


Guanta is the capital and largest city of Guanta Municipality. The Port of Guanta is located about 5 miles from. Puerto La Cruz

Container shipping from China to Venezuela. Sea freight from China main ports to Venezuela. 

Logistics service from China to La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Maracaibo, Guanta.

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