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Chile – People's Republic of China relations officially began on 15 December 1970, shortly following the election of Salvador Allende, and Chile became the first South American country to recognize the mainland Chinese government.

China-Chile FTA Upgrading Negotiations Concluded, Agreement Signed

The China-Chile FTA, which was signed in 2005 and has been implemented since 2006, is the first FTA that China has signed with a Latin American country. To further promote the cooperation in services and investment areas, both sides signed and implemented the supplementary agreements concerning trade in services and investment that were signed in 2008 and 2012 respectively. Since the China-Chile FTA has been implemented for over ten years, the development of bilateral trade has entered into the fast lane driven by the preferential measures in the Free Trade Areas. In 2016, the trade value between the two countries reached US$31.36 billion, 4.4 times that of 2005 when the agreement has not been implemented. Since 2012, China has become and has remained to be Chile's largest trading partner and largest export destination and largest source of imports.Chile’s ports


The port of Arica lies on the Pacific coast of northern Chile, with the Peruvian border just 18km to its north and Atacama Desert at its southern fringes. Arica is an agricultural port foremost, exporting citrus fruits and olives that are produced by the nearby irrigated farms of the Azapa and Rio Lluta valleys.


The port of Iquique is one of the only 2 free ports in Chile. Although much smaller than its neighbouring port in Arica, it possesses a greater historical and economical significance. A longstanding trading center for saltpeter and a geographical gain for Chileans after their victory over Peru during the 1883 War of the Pacific, Iquique’s port is bastion of Chilean heritage.

San Antonio

The port of San Antonio is the largest in Chile and the 13th busiest in South America. Located on the shores of central Chile, San Antonio’s ports is closest in proximity to Chile’s booming capital, Santiago, and is the country’s seafood trading hub.


The port of Valparaiso is one of the most important ports and cultural centres. Lying on Chile’s central coast about 140km from Santiago, the port is sheltered by a stunning coastal mountain range which towers over the shores.

Sea freight from China to Chile, China-Chile FTA.

Free trade agreement between China and Chile, Form F for China-Chile FTA.

Container shipping from China main ports to Arica, Iquique, San Antonio, Valparaiso Chile. China-Chile logistics service.


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