Sea Freight tells you the difference between shipping and shipping

Generally speaking, it is called air transportation by airplane, and sea transportation by sea transportation.

So what is the difference between air and sea?

Compared with air transportation, the shipping cost is relatively low, but the shipping cycle of shipping is longer. If it is large and heavy, shipping is the best choice for transportation.

The air transportation speed is the fastest, and the straight-line transportation distance of air transportation is far less than the curve transportation of sea transportation.

When choosing shipping, be sure to check the bill of lading carefully, pay attention to the corresponding inspection with the contract and LC, if there is an error, it must be revised in time. Insurance should be timely and supplemented with relevant insurance depending on the goods.

In addition to the speed and time of transportation, sea and air transport have different forms of change.

Air waybill: Generally speaking, the name of the air transport cannot be changed once it is confirmed. Do not accept big names. Shippers are generally allowed to change, but individual airlines may not.

If it is a sea bill of lading:, then the change fee is generally a file fee + other, generally can be changed.

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