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Sea shipping

Compared with other modes of transportation, the advantages of sea transportation are concentrated in the aspects of transportation capacity, transportation network, transportation price and so on.
According to Clarkson's statistics, the global trade volume in 2020 will be 13 billion tons, of which seaborne trade accounts for 89%, reaching 11.5 billion tons.
Sea freight can transport almost all types and all forms of commodities; dry bulk cargoes such as coal, iron ore, and grain; liquid bulk cargoes such as oil and LNG; and more oversized and overweight special parts, such as large power generation equipment, high-speed rail locomotives, marine Oil rigs, such as large parts of Airbus' large aircraft, are mainly pulled back by sea for assembly.
"These characteristics of sea transportation have broken the limitations of other modes of transportation in terms of size, weight, suitability, etc., and also reflects the irreplaceability in trade. In 2020, China-Europe freight trains will operate 12,400 trains and transport 1,135,000 trains. At present, the largest container ship can transport 24,000 TEUs at a time.”

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