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Sea freight is the most popular method for shipping from China to the United States, 90% of the world’s total shipments are carried out by sea freight every year. And the majority of sea freight is containerized shipment. Shipping a container from China to USA takes an average time of 1 month. 

We handle sea shipments to the USA from all China main ports, including Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, etc. Container shipping from China to Los Angeles, USA
Our sea freight shipping services cover the below US ports and more.

Shipping from China to Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles (port of LA)
The largest port in the USA, US gateway
Highest among all US ports in terms of freight traffic and trade value, in 2021 container throughput was 10.7 million TEU.
More than 20% of all cargo enters the United States via Port of Los Angeles

Shipping from China to Long Beach, USA

Long Beach (Port of LB)
Twin port of Los Angeles, the second largest port in the US
Long Beach set a throughput record of 9.38 million TEU in 2021.
Together with port of Los Angeles, handles 40% of the containerized shipments of the whole country

Shipping from China to Seattle, USA

The busiest container port in the US Pacific Northwest
A convenient port serving business in the Northwest 

Shipping from China to Tacoma, USA

Ports of Seattle and Tacoma, form the NWSA (Northwest Seaport Alliance). Together, they are the 4th largest container gateway of the USA.

Shipping from China to Oakland, USAContainer Shipping from China to New York, USA

The Port of Oakland is a major container ship facility located in the San Francisco Bay, California. It was the first major port on the Pacific Coast of the United States to build terminals for container ships.
Reported container throughput of 1.05 million TEU in 2021.

Shipping from China to New York, USA

New York
The port of New York & New Jersey is the largest and busiest port on East Coast, and ranks the 3rd in the US.
It’s the gateway on East Coast to the most concentrated consumer markets in the North America. 

Shipping from China to Savannah, USA

SavannahContainer Shipping from China to Savannah, USA
As of 2021, the port of Savannah was the 4th busiest seaport in the United States. 
The largest single-terminal container facility in Savannah
With easy access to railway to the major population centers of Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis and Orlando. 

Shipping from China to Charleston, USA

Port of Charleston has 6 public terminals. 
Ranks the 8th largest maritime hub (Feb 2022)
Port of Charleston Handled 2.75 million TEU at Wando Welch Terminal, North Charleston Terminal and Hugh K.

Shipping from China to Miami, USA

Port of Miami is the world’s leading cruise port, globally recognized as the “Cruise Capital of the World”. Container Shipping from China to Miami, USA
Of all the southeastern US ports, it has the deepest shipping channel and the only port that is equipped to handle neo-Panamax vessels.

Shipping from China to Wilmington, USA

Port of Wilmington is a full-service, deep water port and marine terminal located at the confluence of the Christina River and the Delaware River in Wilmington. 
Wilmington NC ranked 10th among East Coast terminals in container volume in 2021.

Shipping from China to Houston, USA

Port of Houston is one of the largest ports on Gulf Coast serving the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas. It ranks 6th for container throughput among all US ports.
Houston reported handling a record of 3.5 million TEU in 2021. 

Shipping from China to Norfolk, USA

Port of Norfolk is the largest terminal of Virginia Port Authority.container shipping from China to Norfolk, USA
There are 4 terminals in total, Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), Virginia International Gateway (VIG), Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT), Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT). 
2021 reached throughput of 3.5 million TEU.

Shipping from China to Tampa, USA

Port of Tampa, AKA Port Tampa Bay is the largest pot in Florida by tonnage and land.
Tampa is capable of handling bulk cargo, containerized cargo, and other general cargo including project cargo, roll on/roll off, etc.

Shipping from China to Jacksonville, USA

Port of Jacksonville is another seaport in Florida, the 14th largest container port in the United States. In 2021, more than 1.4 million TEUs were handled by Jacksonville, an increase of 10% compared to 2020. 
Jacksonville is also one of the United States’ top vehicle-handling ports.

Shipping from China to Baltimore, USAContainer Shipping from China to Baltimore, USA

Port of Baltimore is the country’s largest port facilities for specialized cargo (roll on/roll off ships) and passenger facilities.
Closer to the Midwest than any other East Coast port, the Port in Baltimore City also is within an overnight drive of one-third of the nation's population.

Shipping from China to Philadelphia, USA

Located on the US East Coast, the Port of Philadelphia offers complete seaport shipping facilities and services. In 2021, the port processed a total of 0.74 million TEU, an increase of 15% compared to 2020. And breakbulk cargo volume increased by 19% to 1.288 million tons.

Shipping from China to Boston, USA

The port of Boston is located in Boston Harbor, United States’ East Coast, the largest port in Massachusetts, active since the early 1600s.
On Jan 16, 2022, the largest container ship ever to call on the Port of Boston arrived Sunday following an $850 million project to make way for larger vessels.

Shipping from China to Mobile, USAContainer Shipping from China to Mobile, USA

The Port of Mobile is a deep-water port in Mobile, Alabama, United States. It is the only deep-water port in Alabama. 
Well-equipped, versatile, and accessible, ideal gateway for all types of cargo
Container cargo in 2021 to a record of 0.502 million TEU, 19% higher than 2020.

Shipping from China to New Orleans, USA

New Orleans
Port of New Orleans is a diverse cargo and in-demand cruise port in Louisiana and it’s the 6th largest cruise port in the United States. 
Modern container facilities with 840,000 annual TEU capacity Ability to handle vessels up to 10,000 TEUs in size Six container gantry cranes

We offer not only port to port sea freight forwarding service, with railway and road networks, we are able to provide IPI, RIPI and MLB freight solutions and extend our reach to US inland intermodal terminals
Our comprehensive freight forwarding service covering the all US seaports and inland intermodal terminals, wherever your destination is, we provide the easiest one-stop door to door shipping from China to the USA, including the hinterland cities, while making sure your cargo from China arrives on time in perfect condition. 
If you are interested in shipping from China to a US port, feel free to contact us on your next China-USA shipment and get a shipping solution and quote from China.


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