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Shipment Delay Solutions and Suggestions

Nobody wants delay. Why does it happen? What can we do to avoid it?

1. No space available on the scheduled vessel.

Solution: Wait for next schedule.

Suggestion: Prepare ahead of time, book the container(s) 1 week or more before the goods ready time.


2. Shipment can’t be delivered to port before the customs cutoff. (AMS cutoff for the US)

Solution: Wait for next schedule.

Suggestion: Supplier is supposed to give accurate goods ready time so that we can plan ahead, and make arrangements for pickup and customs declaration, etc.


3. Late customs release

Sometimes, the shipment is not released before customs cutoff.

Incorrect data provided by supplier on the customs declaration paperwork, suspiciously high value is most likely to draw customs attention, which may lead to paperwork review manually, even open container exam.

Solution: Solve the customs problem and choose next schedule.

Suggestion: Supplier declares the goods as it is, at the proper value.


4. Vessel doesn’t leave as scheduled because of weather or other reasons.

Nothing we can do but wait for next instruction.


5. During the transit

Shipping line gives you an ETA, but nobody can guarantee that the vessel arrives on time, esp when the container is being shipped to a inland ramp, not a sea port.

Suggestion: Stay close with your shipping agent and get the latest update.


6. Delay after arrival

It happens sometimes, holiday, strike, etc. 

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