UCS, Shipping from China to Cuba and the Bahamas


Cuba is a Caribbean island nation under communist rule. It has sugar-white beaches and is dotted with tobacco fields, which play a part in the production of the country's legendary cigars. 


The capital. Havana Port is the busiest in Cuba and receives cargo from around the world.


The Bahamas

The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands and over 2000 rocks and cays, sprinkled over 100000 square miles of ocean. 


Freeport is the main city on Grand Bahama, an island in the northwest Bahamas off the Florida coast. It's best known for the oceanfront Lucaya district, with beaches, resorts and shopping. All cruise ships arriving in Freeport Bahamas will be docking at the Lucayan Harbour, located on the West side of Grand Bahama Island (Freeport)


Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It lies on the island of New Providence, with neighboring Paradise Island accessible via Nassau Harbor bridges. 


Container shipping from China to Cuba and the Bahamas

Sea freight service to Havana, Freeport and Nassau from China main ports.

China forwarding service to Cuba and the Bahamas. 

 Shipping from China