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Mexico is a country between the U.S. and Central America that's known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles. Ancient ruins such as Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá are scattered throughout the country, as are Spanish colonial-era towns. In capital Mexico City, upscale shops, renowned museums and gourmet restaurants cater to modern life.

Major ports

Lazaro Cardenas

The Port of Lazaro Cardenas is the largest Mexican seaport and one of the largest seaports in the Pacific Ocean basin, with an annual traffic capacity of around 25 million tonnes of cargo and 2,200,000 TEU's.


The Port of Manzanillo is a seaport located in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. This port is one of the busiest ports in Mexico, responsible for handling Pacific Ocean cargo for the Mexico City area.


Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico coast in the state of Veracruz is one of the country’s oldest and largest ports,

Altamira (port of Altamira, Puertos de Altamira)

A port city, second-largest city in the municipality of Altamira, on the Gulf of Mexico, and is located near the southeastern tip of the state of Tamaulipas.


The Port of Ensenada is a marine freight and cruise terminal in Ensenada, Baja California. Ships arrive to the port from major ports in Asia, North America, and South America.

Inland container terminals/yards

Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, etc.

Others ports/inland terminals, not commonly used

Leon, Salina Cruz, Progreso, San Luis Pososi, Toluca, etc


Container shipping from China to Mexico.

Door-to-door freight forwarding service from China to Mexico.

Sea freight from China major ports to Mexico(Lazaro Cardenas, Manzanillo, Veracruz, Altamira, Ensenada, Mexico City, Monterrery, Guadalajara, etc)combined with rail and truck services, we can reach through the whole country.


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