The difference between express mail and air shipping

The timeliness of express mail is higher than air shipping, the freight rate is higher than air shipping, and the volume is lower than air shipping. Let me explain the specific difference between the two!

   The transportation method of express mail is three-dimensional, which can be air, railway, highway, waterway transportation. The distribution area of goods is wide, and it is transferred and distributed through secondary and tertiary stations. The goods can be delivered to the countryside. Although the express operation cost is low and the goods can be delivered in time, the safety factor is lower than air shipping due to the increase of intermediate links in the circulation of goods.

  Air shipping can only be transported by air. The distribution of goods is mainly based on the urban area between two points. The delivery areas that require secondary and tertiary transfers and distributions are generally based on direct delivery by car, and no transfers are made. Two-way transportation costs are relatively high. Suitable for operations such as bulk cargo and fragile goods.

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