What are the characteristics of china-europe railway express?

China-europe railway express is one of the most mainstream logistics transportation methods. Compared with his transportation method, we can understand the following characteristics.

1.china-europe railway express railway transportation has high accuracy and continuity, and railway transportation is almost not affected by the climate. It can be scheduled all year round and can be operated regularly and accurately.

  2. Railway transportation speed is relatively fast. The freight speed of the railway can generally reach hundreds of kilometers day and night, while the average freight car can reach about 100 kilometers per hour, which is much higher than the sea transportation.

3. The transportation volume is relatively large. Freight trains on railways can usually transport 3,000 to 5,000 tons of cargo, much higher than air and automobile transportation.

china-europe railway express
4. Rail transportation costs are lower. The cost of rail transportation is only one-tenth of the cost of automobile transportation, and the fuel consumption of transportation is about one-twentieth of automobile transportation.

  5. Railway transportation is safe and reliable, and the risk is much lower than that of maritime transportation.

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