What are the characteristics of sea Freight

        What is ocean freight? Sea Freight is one of the most important modes of transport in international trade. It is characterized by a large carrying capacity. The capacity of ocean freight is far greater than other shipping methods. With the development of science and technology, Ocean Yunhan tools will develop in the direction of specialization, high speed and large scale in the future.

        Compared with other transportation methods, sea Freight transportation cost is relatively low, because this transportation method mainly uses natural water city and air traffic for transportation. Sea Freight water city and waterway construction do not require investment or only one-time investment. It can carry a large amount of money. Goods.

sea Freight
        Who is 70% of the earth? Sea lanes extend in all directions. It is better to use natural waterways than land and roads and track grooves to restrict conditions. In addition, Sea Freight is extremely adaptable to cargo. The ocean transportation method can adapt to various forms of cargo, so it has such strong adaptability to the transportation of long, oversized and overweight cargo.

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