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What are the prohibited goods for air freight

Articles that threaten the safety of aviation flight, in air transportation, may obviously endanger personal health and safety or cause damage to property. There are mainly the following types of special cargo transportation
Small and valuable items: cash, securities, money orders, credit cards, jewelry, cameras.  Urgent items: medicines, keys, passports, traveler's checks, business documents. Irreplaceable items: manuscripts, heirlooms, fragile items: glasses, glass containers, liquids. The above items should be carried with you or placed in carry-on baggage that can be placed under the seat. The airline shall be liable for compensation for the loss or damage of the above-mentioned items in the checked baggage as normal checked baggage. Passengers are not allowed to carry controlled knives on the plane. Sharp or blunt tools other than controlled knives should be checked in with checked baggage and cannot be carried with you.
The baggage regulations on international routes can only be carried after the relevant departments have issued relevant certificates

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