What are the specific characteristics of air freight service from china?

        In recent years, air freight service from china transportation efficiency is one of the development directions of the express delivery industry. Although the start time is late, but the development speed is faster than other transportation methods, what are the characteristics of international air transportation?

       1. The first is to have a higher delivery speed

        Now the market competition is very fierce, the time is changing, and the market's wind direction may change, so the cost of time is a very important factor that companies need to consider. The higher delivery speed of air freight service from china has now become the current commodity competition in the international market. Favorable factors.

        2. Air transportation is very suitable for fresh and seasonal products

        Fresh commodities have high requirements on time. The delay in transportation may cause the commodities to lose their original value. Therefore, air transportation can ensure the fresh survival of commodities, which is conducive to opening up long-distance markets. For seasonal commodities, air transportation can ensure that the market is available before the sales season, to avoid the cost of commodities that cannot be sold due to missed seasons.

        3. Low breakage rate and good safety

        Generally, the goods that can be transported by air are relatively high in value, and the ground operation process of air transport is generally strict. Therefore, the management of the Russian system needs to be improved, which can reduce the damage rate of the cargo and improve safety.

air freight service from china
        4. Save packaging costs and speed up capital turnover

         Fast air transportation, short transit time, and fast delivery speed, which can reduce the inventory of goods, reduce storage fees, insurance fees, and interest expenses. In addition, the air transportation custody system is perfect, the cargo damage and the cargo difference are small, and the packaging can be simplified accordingly. This can reduce packaging costs and insurance costs, and the speed of product circulation is accelerated, which also speeds up the capital turnover rate.

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