What is a door to door shipping service?

You may be familiar with online shopping and delivery services, but in the logistics world there is a concept that guarantees you will collect items from your home or business location and deliver them directly to your buyers or customers! This is called a door-to-door service, and it falls into several different categories.
So, what is a door-to-door shipping service?

door to door delivery service

Door-to-door delivery is just one service provided, a courier will arrive at the pickup address of your requested consignment and deliver it to the location you specify. This way you don't have to travel anywhere.
There are many advantages to using this service that will save you time. All you need to do is fill in your order details and confirm your shipment with the courier of your choice. You will receive an email tracking number and your courier will do the rest. Anything can be collected and shipped to almost any location, from a single item to an entire home for customs clearance.
This may be the ideal shipping method if you need same-day delivery, and can be scheduled every day of the week and weekends due to the flexibility. You may have to pay more for this service, but it could be the perfect solution for your door-to-door shipping needs because of the added convenience and simplicity of arranging.

Door to Door Domestic Freight Services

Door-to-door freight services are designed to accommodate large shipments weighing more than 40kg and significantly exceed the dimensions of standard door-to-door delivery services.
Domestic freight forwarders will handle shipments found within the same country and help ensure that the process of transporting the shipment runs smoothly. Domestic cargo can be transported by land or air, by a vast network of common carriers specializing in domestic transport.
While truck ground transportation is slower, it is actually the most economical mode of transportation. Rail ground transportation is a fast and green alternative to domestic freight transportation, and air freight is the fastest but least environmentally friendly option.

The cost of door-to-door domestic freight is determined by the following factors:
  • delivery time
  • shipment value
  • Pickup and Delivery Locations
  • The weight and dimensions of the cargo
  • Packaging Requirements
  • Safety

Door to Door Shuttle Service

For example, a door-to-door shuttle service is the most cost-effective way to transport you and your belongings from the airport to a hotel. Shuttle transfers operate differently depending on the location, and most shuttle transfer vehicles are usually minivans and minibuses that you travel with other passengers who may be picked up along the way.
If you want to avoid using public transport, a low-cost door-to-door shuttle service is your best option to get you from the airport to your hotel in comfort. Remember, if you need regular shuttle service, you'll get the punctuality guarantee of a professional, well-trained driver, as well as maximum reliability when traveling with a trusted transportation company.

International door to door shipping

International door-to-door shipping is slightly different, as the pickup door is usually a warehouse, while the drop-off point may be an office, storage unit, or other warehouse.
Some freight forwarders will take your container from your warehouse and bring it to the port where it can be picked up from another designated warehouse. Other companies will deliver directly to your door, so you'll need to determine this before scheduling a pickup.
Freight forwarders specialize in the transportation of goods and are responsible for transporting goods from one destination to another. They act as an intermediary between you and the shipping service and liaise with many carriers to negotiate the best price for the most economical and fastest route.
Freight forwarders will also help with customs clearance, international import and export documentation, insurance, packaging, storage and inventory management. This can be very beneficial as you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive at the correct destination on time.
Shipping delays are beyond the responsibility of your freight forwarding company as delays may occur due to severe weather, breakdowns, port delays or unforeseen changes in the route. Any of these issues will be resolved as soon as possible to get your shipment back on track.

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