What is the difference between air freight and air dispatch in international logistics?

International logistics

International air freight is popular among foreign traders and cross-border e-commerce sellers because of its high safety and fast timeliness. However, when sending international air freight, we often see air freight channels. Then, international air freight and international air freight Are they the same? What is the difference between the two?

Air dispatch: that is, air freight plus delivery. Departure airport-destination airport (first leg) air freight, by air freight to the destination airport, after customs clearance, it will be dispatched to the door/delivery to the warehouse by the terminal logistics company.

Air freight: The consignor receives the goods or the consignor self-delivers the goods into the warehouse, and the freight forwarder arranges air freight to the destination airport. When the goods arrive at the airport of the destination country, the logistics service is over, and the recipient picks up the goods at the airport and clears customs.

1. Service content
Air dispatch: The freight forwarder finds the airline to book the space and is responsible for the international transportation from the airport to the airport; after the goods arrive, the designated agent is responsible for entry clearance, tariff payment, airport pickup, warehouse warehousing, distribution and distribution. Air-to-air delivery is generally a "double tax package" service.

International air transportation: The freight forwarder finds the airline to book the space and is responsible for the transportation of the goods to the airport of the destination port. After the goods arrive, the customer can clear and deliver by themselves. It should be noted that the customs clearance requirements and costs of each country are different. You can confirm with the forwarder before shipment clear,

2. Shipping time limit
Air dispatch: Including customs declaration at the airport of departure and customs clearance at the destination airport, the average maintenance is 6-8 days.

International air transport: The time limit for direct flights is usually within 24 hours, and the time limit for connecting flights is not necessarily.

3. Logistics tracking
Air delivery: the first flight uses the air waybill number to check on the airline's official website, and the end uses the courier number to check the destination country's delivery information.

International air transport: For direct flights, you can check the waybill number on the website of the airline. You can also check the website for the first flight. For two-way/three-way truck transfer, you can check the website of the corresponding airline or the website of the local truck company. The flight can also be checked on the airline's website.

4. Applicable objects
Air delivery: suitable for retailers or small batch delivery, such as order delivery of cross-border e-commerce sellers, stocking Amazon FBA, etc.

International air transport: Generally, it is B2B-type large-volume delivery, traditional foreign trader delivery, etc.

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