What should I pay attention to when air shipping is fresh?

(1) When air shipping, it is necessary to put water into the container first, then put the lobster gently along the container wall, and the stocking density should be appropriate. A wooden barrel or canvas bag with a volume of 10 liters can generally hold 4 to 5 liters of water and 6 to 8 kilograms of lobster.

(2) If the weather is sultry, you need to reduce the amount as appropriate. On the contrary, the weather is clearer, the water temperature is lower, and the transport density can be relatively larger, then you can put a few loach in the container to make the loach up and down, left and right in the container Continuous activities to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the container water, reduce the fighting between shrimp and shrimp, reduce the injury rate. For high-temperature transportation of lobsters, you can also add some ice cubes on the cover mesh, and the melted ice water will continue to drip into the container to gradually lower the water temperature and improve the survival rate of transportation.

(3) Adding water hyacinth to the transport water is helpful for the lobster to hold the aquatic plants and reduce the death caused by sinking and hypoxia. During transportation, if you find that the lobster keeps chaosing in the water, sometimes floating on the water in a daze, and exhaling small bubbles constantly, it means that the water quality in the container has deteriorated and it should be replaced with new water immediately.

(4) If the voyage exceeds 1 day, flip the shrimp every 4 to 5 hours, and turn the lobster that has been sinking on the bottom of the container for a long time to the upper layer to prevent its death from hypoxia. In order to ensure successful transportation, penicillin can be added to the container at the beginning or after 24 hours to prevent lobster damage and infection. Generally, 5 liters of water are added as 10,000 units.

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