What standards should the international shipping center have?

Building a shipping center, like building other centers, is nothing but two things: resources and talents. Resources: In fact, it refers to the total amount of trade in the hinterland and the total amount of industry that it can cover.
Summarized into the following nine points:
1. Possess a developed international shipping trading market;
2. Possess a strong hinterland economy;
3. Possess abundant container logistics;
4. It is a shipping hub for international or regional import and export trade;
5. Have good port conditions and first-class port facilities;
6. Possess a deep water channel that adapts to the large-scale trend of modern ships;
7. Possess a complete rear collection and distribution system;
8. Having a good policy and legal environment to support the development of shipping centers;
9. Shipping talents with international shipping strategy and thinking.

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