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uschinashippingSpeed and cost, we always seek balance between them. But sometimes, air shipping costs too much, sea shipping takes too much time. The 3rd solution – rail transport makes the perfect complement that solves the dilemma to some degree. (Rail Freight)


More advantages of rail transport

Environment friendly.

Rail transport consumes less energy and cause less emission of carbon dioxide than road transport and far less than air shipping. Rail transport makes a perfect complement to sea & air shipping, and has become the very first choice of transport mode under the circumstance of global low carbon economy.

Lower price compared with air shipping, less affected by oil price fluctuation compared with sea shipping.

Accurate schedule, accurate transit time, far less than sea shipping.

Safety assured. Railway transport is considered the safest method compared to sea freight, air freight or road transport.

Seamless connection with sea ports, global reach through intermodal transport.  

Less cash-flow pressure.  The shorter transit time means faster cash-flow and consequently more turnover is possible based on same amount of invested capital, which is very good news for high-value cargo owners.

We offer Rail freight & Intermodal transport service from China

1. China-Europe Railway Express


        2. Rail + Sea shipping service from China inland

        Below is a map of rail container terminals in China


        Chengdu to Shenzhen terminal: 72 hours, 3 schedules per week

        Chongqing to Shenzhen terminal: 53 hours, 5 schedules per week

        Shaoguan to Shenzhen terminal: 12 hours, 6 schedules per week

        Changsha to Shenzhen terminal: 40 hours, 3 schedules per week

        Guiyang to Shenzhen terminal: 52 hours, 2 schedules per week


3. Sea + Rail (to inland container terminal, Africa, USA)

4. Sea + Road(mostly to African inland regions)


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