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Sea, Air, Rail Freight Shipping from China to Georgia

Freight forwarder, one-stop shipping from China to GeorgiaGeorgia, situated at the eastern end of the Black Sea on the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountains where Europe meets Asia, borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.
China-Georgia Free Trade Agreement came into force on Jan 1, 2018. In 2021, China ranked first place as Georgia’s export market, and in terms of import, also one of the top 3. 
As one China based freight forwarding agent serving Georgia, we are sharing this guide on cargo shipping from China to Georgia. If you are an importer from Georgia, keep reading. The content below are about shipping methods, transit time, cost, best way to ship, and what a forwarder can help with your China-Georgia shipment handling.

Shipping methods air freight, sea freight and railway freight are available for China-Georgia trade.

Sea Freight from China to GeorgiaSea freight, shipping from China to Georgia by sea

When shipping from China to Georgia, sea freight is the most commonly used and least expensive one among all modes of transportation. If you are not in a rush, or maybe your supply chain requires shipping at the minimum cost possible, then sea freight is the right choice. Shipping by sea from China to Georgia takes 1 month to 50 days. Sea freight is capable of handling almost all types of cargo, the majority will be shipped as FCL, and some as LCL. For large, bulk projects, wheeled cargo, bulk cargo ship and RO-RO ship could be the solution. 
FCL stands for full container load, means shipping a container filled with your goods exclusively, most cost-efficient.
LCL, less than container load, sharing a container with other clients who happen to have relatively small shipments to the same destination at the same time, good choice for small business.
Our China-Georgia sea freight forwarding services covers all China major ports, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, etc. 

Major ports in Georgia

Poti port is located on the Black Sea, and it’s the largest port in Georgia, the major gateway of the country’s import and export, handling 80% of Georgia's container traffic.
The port also serves a gateway for international trade in Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
Batumi is the third largest city in Georgia and an important new commercial center. 
A small port in Georgia.

Air freight, shipping from China to Tbilisi Georgia by airAir Freight from China to Georgia

If the supply chain is well funded or requires a fast delivery of shipment from China to Georgia, shipping by air is recommended. Compared with sea freight, air cargo can be 30 days faster, but naturally, it comes with higher cost. In most cases, we choose air shipping because of a tight deadline, or the cargo to be shipped from China to Georgia is time-sensitive, like perishable products. Air freight has such advantages as shorter lead time, shorter transit time, higher safety level, making it a good choice for shipping luxurious commodity or high-value equipment. 
Due to some limitations and restrictions of air freight, not all cargo is accepted by airlines, cargo too large or too heavy, dangerous goods, order too large to be financially feasible. 
Consult a China freight forwarder for advice on your China-Georgia air shipment, simply submit your info by filling the form, get a shipping solution and quote from China.

Airport of Georgia

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (IATA CODE: TBS), formerly Novo Alexeyevka International Airport, is the busiest international airport in Georgia. 
In February 2022, the total volume of cargo transported through Georgia's Tbilisi Airport increased to 1.8 million tons from 1.4 million of same month last year, an increase of 27%. 

Railway freight from China to GeorgiaRail freight, shipping from China to Georgia by freight train

Rail freight is available as a new way of shipping from China to Georgia, and gaining popularity among importers and exporters. 
Taking into the geographic location and the fact that the Trans-Eurasian rail cargo is on the rise it is not surprising that regional countries are strongly interested in enhancing their railway network with new routes and new logistics hubs. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway is an international rail project connecting Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey (completed in 2017), a land bridge for the blooming Asia-Europe trade, which enables goods from one side of Eurasia to reach the other in just 15 days bypassing Russia using freight train.
First China-Georgia Freight Train arrives in Tbilisi
On Oct 4, 2020, the first train from Xi’an China carrying a total of 41 containers arrived in Tbilisi
On Dec 4, 2021, the first regular cargo train left Wuwei city of Gansu, heading to Tbilisi. Cargo transportation from China to Georgia by railway will become regular, which will benefit the country and its role as a transportation hub in the region.
The first China-Georgia freight train arrives in Tbilisi
The first China-Georgia freight train arrives in TbilisiFor Georgia, rail freight is the perfect balance in between when air shipping from China to Georgia is too expensive and shipping by air takes too long. By shipping cargo with freight train, the transit time of over 1 month by sea is now cut down to less than half.

Consult us if you wish for a delivery faster than sea, cheaper than air, let’s ship your goods by railway freight. 

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How long does cargo shipping take from China to Georgia?

Cargo shipping from China to Georgia takes at least 3-5 days, and up to 40-50 days, depending on such factors as shipping method, manufacturer address and delivery address, service and route chosen, weather, seasonal change of shipping market, etc.

China-Georgia sea freight transit time

Sea container shipping transit time from China to Poti and Batumi, Georgia
POL (Port of Loading) POD (Port of Discharge) Transit time
Shanghai Poti 40 days
Shanghai Batumi 43 days
Shenzhen Poti 35 days
Shenzhen Batumi 38 days
Qingdao Poti 44 days
Qingdao Batumi 50 days
Transit time of cargo shipping from China to GeorgiaFYI: Shanghai in East China, Shenzhen South China, and Qingdao North China, data from these 3 ports is enough to demonstrate the sea shipping time from China to Georgia.
The transit time by sea, port to port, depends on the specific origin and destination ports chosen, service route, sailing schedule and choice of carrier.
Above transit time is for full container load shipping, port to port only.
For LCL shipping time estimate, pls add 7-10 days

China-Georgia air shipping transit time

Generally cargo air shipped from China takes 3-7 days to arrive in Georgia, depending on the service and route chosen. 
And in peak season, we’ll have to allow for a few days waiting time before departure. 

China-Georgia freight train transit time

Cargo transportation from China to Georgia by railway takes about 2 weeks, full container load, station to station.
However, in peak season, or under the circumstance of global pandemic, stations and borders are always congested, containers and freight trains may be stuck for some time, thus, shipping time by railway is prolonged.  

How much does it cost to ship goods from China to Georgia? Shipping cost from China to Georgia

How much shipping from China to Georgia costs matters a lot in business. Shipping cost is an indispensable part, sometimes a significant portion of the total landed cost of imported goods. General rule of thumb, the faster you want to move the shipment, you higher shipping cost you’ll have to spend. 
Shipments come in many types, and clients may choose different shipping methods, along with specific requirements under the given situation, making it impossible to provide a general answer to shipping cost from China to Georgia. Plus the shipping market is not always set in stone, it’s fast changing. Sea, air and railway freight rates fluctuate with time, affected by supply and demand relationship, as well as by carrier’s strategic adjustment.
Contact a China freight forwarder for a China-Georgia shipping solution and get the latest freight quote from China.

Best way to ship from China to Georgia

Similar to “shipping cost”, there’s no one simple answer to the “best way” to ship from China to Georgia. Every client is different, and has his specific conditions, requirements at the specific time, plus the fast changing shipping market. The best way is to rely on a reputable experienced China freight forwarder for their knowledge and insight. 
A freight forwarder has to take these factors into consideration to decide which the best way is.
1.    The type of goods and its value
2.    How quickly you need your goods
3.    The load of your goods (size, weight, quantity) or simply share the packing list
4.    Supplier address (origin seaport/airport), delivery address(destination seaport/airport)
5.    Your budget
6.    Goods ready time

China-Georgia freight forwarder, door-to-door shippingChina-Georgia freight forwarder, door to door shipping

Everybody has his own expertise and specialty, and shipping from China Georgia can be a tough job, why not hire a professional China-Georgia freight forwarder to free you from all the trouble and complexity of international logistics?
As one of the top China based freight forwarders serving Georgia, our expertise and experience allow us to provide the most accurate answers and optimal shipping solutions tailored to your needs.
Moreover, sea carriers and airlines have limited reach, they only deliver to port and airport. However, through our freight forwarding service, the reach is extended. With years of effort on trade, shipping and building networks with partners in Poti and Tbilisi, we are able to provide our customers with the easiest one-stop door-to-door shipping solution from China to Georgia by sea, air and freight train.

How to ship from China to Georgia

Step 1: Contact a freight forwarder; a China based one is preferred.
You may reach out to a freight forwarder either from China or in Georgia. While a Georgian forwarder is most likely to rely on a Chinese local shipping agent. So China based forwarder is preferred, as the majority of complexities and uncertainties of international cargo shipping lie in origin, not in destination.
More on “Why you should work with a local China freight forwarder
Step 2: Submit shipment details and get a shipping quote from China
Submit your shipment details and requirements, request for a shipping quote from your freight forwarder.
Step 3: Connect the freight forwarder with supplier
Connect the forwarder with your supplier, start booking, coordinate preparation, trucking, loading, customs and shipping paperwork. 
Step 4: Get China cargo insurance (optional)
It’s affordable and the best way to protect from damage or loss during the transport.
Step 5: Arrange customs clearance
Get prepared for shipment arrival and customs clearance.
Or simply reply on a China freight forwarder for the whole door to door shipping service. 

Why us when importing and shipping from China to Georgiafreight forwarder, one-stop door to door shipping from China to Georgia

We are China based freight forwarder, specialized and experienced in international logistics for import and export business. We and our Georgian partners are handling air, sea and railway shipments for old and new clients every month. For importers from Georgia, we have the below reasons for you to choose us as freight forwarder for your freight shipping from China.
  1. Quick Response, high efficiency
  2. Communication
  3. Professionalism, agility, accuracy
  4. Our logistics expertise, local and global connections
  5. Cost-saving
  6. Dedicated, focused
  7. Higher attention & tailored shipping solution
More on Why us when importing and shipping from China to Georgia

With our support in freight forwarding services from China to Georgia, we are dedicated to helping simplify and improve the efficiency of your supply chain. We have the logistics knowledge and expertise, local connections and global networks, as well as our insight into global trade to ensure the best China-Georgia cargo shipping experience. 
If you are considering shipping to Georgia (Poti, Tatumi, Tbilisi) from China, whether by sea, air or railway, contact us, the best China-Georgia freight forwarder, and get an update-to-date shipping solution and quote
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